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What It’s Like Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction as a Christian

I profess faith in God, and I believe in the resurrected Christ and His redemptive power that can save us from our sins. I believe in grace that is freely given and salvation received only through faith.

I am also same-sex attracted (SSA), and I want to share my experience in the hope that it may help Christians understand other believers like myself a little better.

How Should Believers Respond to the Killing of Black People?

This week, a police officer in Minneapolis held his knee to the neck of George Floyd, an African American man. After nine minutes of what can only be described as desperate pleas and cries, George died. He was murdered on a street, in broad daylight, by an institution designed to protect people.

100 Humans: 5 Ways to Handle Criticism and Praise

What works better, criticism or praise? A recent Netflix series “100 Humans” put this to test in one of its episodes where 16 randomly selected participants were asked to learn a new skill—the lost art of plate spinning—in two hours, and then judged on their performance by their coach, Fantastic Patrick.

To All Who Are Anxious and Fearful

Title: To All Who Are Anxious and Fearful Artwork by: Pin Hui Description: Is there something weighing on your heart today? Is your mind entangled by anxious thoughts? Have you been struggling to stay afloat because of fear?  That’s not how God wants us to live. We often forget that our worries are burdensome to ourselves, but God’s […]

3 Tips for Dating During Lockdown

When COVID-19 broke out, and our government announced circuit breaker (CB) measures restricting our movements back in April, I jokingly texted my boyfriend that we would be back to having another LDR—this time, a locked-down relationship.

With our previous experience in an LDR, we thought online dating would be easy for the both of us. But our first online date didn’t quite go as we hoped, and here are some key lessons we’re learning as we navigate dating during lockdown

When Covid-19 Disrupted My Travel Plans

My husband and I were in the midst of travelling South America for a year when our trip was rudely terminated by the coronavirus. In late 2019, we had both quit our jobs and took off on a one-way ticket to Santiago. We were barely two months into our trip and were having a ball of a time when the pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt.

When Church Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

As a pastor, I’m used to hearing from people that they feel disconnected from their (or our) church, even if they are deeply involved. Their experience simply hasn’t measured up to what they had hoped it might be.

If you feel disconnected from your church, you’re not alone.

Don’t Worry—You Were Made For Such A Time As This

“Effective tomorrow, the entire island will be placed on a curfew. No one is to leave their homes. Any business or person breaking this new law will be fined and sentenced to one year in prison,” announced the Premier.

My heart drummed. “Did he just say what I think he just said?” I thought to myself. The situation had escalated.

Peter and Day Day: When God Took Our 5-Year-Old Daughter Away

What is a parent’s greatest comfort in the face of sudden and devastating loss?

For Naw Day Day and her husband, Peter Wong, this was the very question they found themselves grappling with back in January, when tragedy struck out of the blue, robbing them of their beloved 5-year-old daughter, Louise.