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Quotes to live by?

Title: Quotes to live by? Artwork by: Georgy Roy (@gy_roy) Description: We are all familiar with these quotes. You might have seen them in a hand-lettered image while scrolling through Instagram, or seen them printed on a notebook or a t-shirt. Perhaps a well-meaning friend might have shared them with you as advice. While they seem harmless […]

5 Things To Do When Confronting Someone

“He did something wrong. You should talk to him.”

“Hey, why me? You should be the one to tell him. Aren’t you his friend?”

Due to my conflict-avoidant personality, the idea of correcting someone scares me. I fear that speaking up will affect my relationship with my friends. Therefore, when I see them doing something wrong, I often ask others to reprove them instead, just like I did in the conversation above.

I Thought I Needed To Be Beautiful

My colleagues and I were having lunch at the pantry when we saw a colleague heading for the office door with her purse.

“Where is she going?” someone in the group asked.

Another colleague answered, “Oh, she has taken half the day off to watch a Korean pop concert. She has a premium ticket.”