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What I Got Wrong about the 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments give us a glimpse of how God wants us to live, and while our first thought might be, “Yeah, I’m going a pretty good job following them,” here’s the hard line: at the end of the day, not one of us can boast to even keeping one of the 10 commandments. Let’s take a closer look . . .

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #3 – Does It Matter if I Believe in It?

You may have heard people suggest that believing in the Trinity is not all that important. What really matters is believing in Jesus. Others have a hard time thinking of Jesus as God, and prefer to focus on the Father. And yet others really like the Spirit and give Him more attention than the Father and Son.

But these are all mistakes that will hurt the way we live as Christians.

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #2 – Is It Logical?

Let’s face it, the Trinity is a weird thing to believe. One plus one plus one equals three, right? The Trinity seems like a logical fallacy—do we really believe that one plus one plus one equals . . . ONE?

Well, yes . . . and no.

3 Misconceptions About the Trinity: #1 – Is It in the Bible?

Has anyone ever asked you why Christians believe in the Trinity? If so, what did you say? If not, what would you say? I’ve been asked that question, and let me tell you it is easy to feel stupid quickly.

In this three-part series, I will address three common misconceptions about the Trinity and, I hope, show why belief in the Trinity is absolutely essential for every Christian.

“Dear sons…”, a young father’s advice to his children

“Dear sons” is made up of a series of advice a young father, Martin, wants to instill in the lives of his children, Moshe (8) and Elliott (5).

Fatherhood, Martin has learned, can be challenging, and often reveals our inadequacies. But it also provides us—and not just our children—an opportunity to learn and grow.

3 Visible Signs Your Life Has Been Transformed

I used to believe that I could change myself—become a better person, as smart and talented as I imagined I could be. And so I immersed myself in all sorts of activities and studies, expecting this change—better grades and overall accomplishment in life—to make me feel satisfied. After all was said and done, my endeavors remained futile.

How to Stay Sane When Everyone Has an Opinion about Everything

“I don’t understand why you aren’t coming home. Where we live isn’t a hotspot anymore, and we’re taking all the right precautions, so you’ll be perfectly safe. Honestly, I’m worried about you.”

“Are you really going to drive north this weekend? You know there’s a stay-at-home order in place, right?”

When Strangers Opened Up Their Home to Me

“Why are you still looking for housing options? I’ve told you that you can come stay with us. We have a room for you,” Cheu said.

This gentle rebuke has stuck with me for a while—even after I’ve wrapped up my five-month stay at her family’s apartment in New York, and now returned home to Singapore—as a reminder of such ordinary, yet radical, hospitality.

3 Ways to Live by Faith Amidst Covid-19

In this season of uncertainty and fear, the fact that there are so many things beyond our control makes me very anxious. After all, there are only so many times we can wash our hands, and only so many masks we can wear. . . As I read the news daily and watched the case numbers climb, worry continually gnawed at me.