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Visual artist by passion and profession. A big fan of natural beauty. I was born a doodler. I loved to doodle on practically anything in the house. So my parents decided one day to help me—and the house—by signing me upfor various drawing competitions…More


Full time servant of the Lord and nurse by profession. Expressing my creative side through typography not only reveals a vital part of me but more importantly, enables me to bring Christ’s reality to everybody. I believe that His words are very…More


I draw, poke and cut things. I guess drawing, or creating things (be it embroidery or paper cut outs), has just always been a medium that spoke to me to express myself when I cannot find the right words to say. It is also a means…More


Ever since I was a kid, I was into the arts. I used to write my notes in different handwriting styles when I was in elementary and high school. For some reason, I stopped doing calligraphy when I reached college, but I rediscovered my love for the arts…More


I’m an introvert who often laughs too loudly and gets moved to tears too quickly. When I’m not indulging in food or sleep, I am scribbling away, carving rubber stamps or creating a (artistic) mess at my home workspace. To me, the arts is a platform through…More


I believe every creative process is an act of worship. Through creating, we reflect the beauty and nature of Christ, the ultimate Creator and Artist. My work is a visual representation of my thoughts and meditations…More




Amy taught English and History for several years before making the switch to an independent company to teach students leadership and communication skills…More

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Agnes once scored a “D” for English, so she never imagined that she could write. But after she experienced God’s redemptive power through an unexpected interruption in life, she felt prompted to write to share about the goodness of God….More


Andrew’s guilty pleasure involves swaying to hits of the 80’s such as George Michael’s seminal art piece, Careless Whisper. Unfortunately, his guilty feet have got no rhythm. He can usually be found laughing among friends or shushing them in a cinema…More


After getting her BA in Christianity and her MA in Biblical Languages, Ashley is now on faculty in the Theology department at a private Christian school in Texas. She loves living life with her husband David and daughter Sadie. ….More


Caleb is a fan of film, food, fun, family as well as other things that don’t begin with the letter f, like travel and the theater. He considers himself a citizen of the world: born in New Zealand, raised in the Fiji Islands, now living in Australia, and the holder of three passports…More


is a dreamer and pseudo-nomad whose life is best described by Hillsong United’s “Captain”. As a daughter of a merchant navy captain, she grew up sailing the seas. She’s now settled in Singapore…more or less…More

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Christine is a follower of Christ, and a lover of good books and food. Life is good, she insists, and each new breath is a reminder that whatever the circumstances, God is still good….More


Constance is an avid reader and a Milo addict. If she is not found with a book, she is probably watching Korean dramas or jamming on her guitar to some Coldplay tunes. She enjoys the company of children and hopes to…More

Daniel Hamlin


Daniel Hamlin is the author of When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths To Anchor The Soul, and In His Presence: Thirty Contemplations from Walking with Jesus. As a surfer, he appeared in numerous international…More

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Deb is thankful to be using her training in Media and Communications to share inspiring stories of how God has transformed lives throughout the world as a journalist and Communications specialist for Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia….More

Hilary C


Hilary comes from the heart of the heartland, right in the center of Illinois. More often than not, you’ll find her with a cup of coffee in hand or exploring nature. She’s an aspiring author (in the process of writing a book!) that loves to write, create, and make…More


is a proponent of Steve Jobs’ fashion style — black t-shirt and jeans are all you need in your closet. While you would usually find him talking to people, he’s actually an introvert and his favorite colour is green…More


Janice loves being a sponge, though not of the dish-washing variety. Rather, she enjoys listening to and soaking up stories, mostly of people, and then squeezing forth their tales in fresh ways and forms to bring out their unique voices and personhood…More

Janel B


Janel is an author, freelance writer, and speaker. After five and a half years in East Africa, her family of six has returned to Colorado, where they continue to work on behalf of the poor with Engineering Ministries International. Her first book, on spiritual life skills…More


Jeff is a husband and a father of 2 “tweens”. He’s a family practice doctor who had to “retire” in 2016 after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). His TBI changed everything about him. But then God changed his….More

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likes to spend her free time reading books, hanging out with friends, and musing about life. She also enjoys being occasionally adventurous and wants to one day travel the world. In her non-free time, she mostly spends it trying to make progress on her PhD research …More


firmly believes that life is too short to make long-term plans. Everyday, she is learning to cling less tightly to things here and looks forward to the day she will meet her Lord. In the meantime…More


Jonathan Hayashi (B.A. and M.A., Moody Theological Seminary) is a Pastoral staff at Troy First Baptist Church in Missouri, USA. He is also a Doctoral student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to that…More

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Karen Pimpo lives in Michigan, USA, where everybody complains about the weather but secretly loves it. When she was little, she wanted to be a librarian. Not much has changed. Besides literature, listening to and performing music is one of her greatest joys….More


resides with her husband, Jason, in Krabi, Thailand where she serves alongside him in the ministry under Sowers International and teaches English at a local Thai school. She and her sister were…More

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Laura’s first love is God, then people, and mashed potatoes and otters follow close behind. Just months after completing a master’s in Speech Pathology, Laura was a passenger in a near fatal car accident…More


Madeline is a Christian writer and the co-founder of Jacob’s Ladder Blog. She was born in England, was raised in Australia, and currently lives in Germany with her husband, Solomon. Madeline is in recovery from burnout, chronic depression, and anxiety….More


Originating from Latin America and having studied across Europe and the Middle East, Marissa now lives in the bustling city of Hong Kong with her husband, Brian, and…More


Michele relocated from New Zealand to Australia to join the YMI team as a full-time staff, putting an end to her status as a volunteer contributor. A former journalist, Michele loves the written word, and knows the power it has to inspire and to transform lives…More


Nelle Lim is an educator, a writer, and an academic. She grew up in New Zealand but now lives in Singapore, and is still getting used to the tropical weather. Writers like Philip Yancey, Eugene Peterson, and Annie Dillard have been her lifelines, their incredible words helping her…More


For Q, writing is a happy respite where she can ask big questions she doesn’t have the answer to, and serves as an outlet for the thoughts she can’t collect fast enough to speak out loud. It plays a big part in her journey of seeking to live a life worthy of the Lord (Col. 1:10). . .More


Rachel Moreland is a storyteller, content creator, and writer living in Edinburgh. When she is not working, she is on the hunt for the best cup of coffee and planning her next travel adventure…More


Raphael enjoys reading and writing, and experiences them as means of connecting with the Word too beautiful for words. He believes there’s no such thing as having too many books. Having been led…More


loves nothing more than to hide in her cave with a good book and the company of the multiple universes living in her head. Occasionally, she can be lured out of her cave with ice cream, a game of Catan, or a meaningful conversation….More


Ross Boone is a writer and freelance illustrator. He designed outdoor products for big box retailers for 9 years and then went out on his own illustrating for clients. He makes his personal art and writes blogs and books under the artist name, Raw Spoon…More


is a laid back friendly person, who loves online gaming and the opportunity it brings in meeting new people across the world. He loves eating and though his favorite food is a well-kept secret, we have…More

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Stacy Joy (B.A. in Counseling, Moody Bible Institute, attaining M.A. in Counseling, GRTS) is a pastor’s wife in the USA and has three adorable children. She cherishes the opportunities to speak to women regarding purity, parenting and theology. In her free time, you can…More


enjoys spending time with loved ones, preferably over a good meal. She finds the organizing and cleaning of spaces, therapeutic. Her fascination is with languages and she hopes to pick up…More


loves to create. But while she would rather click her mouse than type on her keyboard, she is game to draw parallels in everyday life to what the word of God says through text. Her name is…More


grew up in Penang in a home of Looney Tunes cartoons on VHS and Laser Disc action films. At university, she was introduced to indie arthouse films and began writing unofficial movie reviews on her blog. An INFP, fiction author, and coffee lover, she is now based in Kuala Lumpur as a full-time writer. More


Wendy is an aspiring writer, a radio producer, and a disciple of Christ. She hopes that God will use what He’s given her, to bless and glorify Him through her living and writing. Her perfect day includes…More

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