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How to Respond When a Friend Confesses Their Sin

We all struggle with temptation and sin every day (Rom 3:23), and know the right thing to do—but it’s a lot easier said than done. Often, we wrestle with our sin for a long time, and sometimes even minimise or excuse it altogether. Talking to others about it may be the last thing on our minds. So, when we do hear about a friend’s sin, we could be at a loss as to how to respond.
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When I Was Betrayed by a Fellow Christian

Some time ago, there was a situation that made me extremely angry, to the point that I raised my voice and slammed my hands on the table. At that time, all sorts of emotions were raging in me: anger, disappointment, sadness, and disbelief at what this particular person had done. We had given this person our utmost trust, but it turned out that behind that innocent face and a soft-spoken demeanor was a person who had lied to us and fooled us for years.

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Love Says “No”: How Boundaries Express True Care

At the time, I just couldn’t see it. What did Jesus hold back? The concept of “boundaries”—setting limits on how much I’d give others, or how much they could take—seemed a post-modern reflex against living radical and poured-out. I didn’t see a whole lot about boundaries in the Gospels. Now I see it all over the place.
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Why Believe in Jesus?

“You do you!” It’s the popular millennial mantra that is heard echoing across our digital and social media platforms. It centres on you and your feelings. We hear it in songs, movies and poetry across the globe. It has been said that the post-truth culture can be summarised as one that thinks with its feelings. Feelings before fairness. Feelings before others. Feelings before sacrifice. Perhaps most damagingly, feelings before truth.

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