Losing My Mum to Cancer: Seeing the Good (& God) in Suffering

I lost my mother to cancer last July. She was only 60. Having to literally watch my mother die was the most painful experience of my 27 years of existence.

When My Baby Died (Inside of Me)

The first time I witnessed a mother mourn her dead child was at my uncle’s funeral. Since then, I had not heard anyone mourn like that, until 20 years later—when the same howls emerged from my mouth.
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Daryl and Gina: A Couple Called to Two Different Countries

She spent a year befriending women in the red light district of a Chinese city, hoping to be a bearer of God’s eternal light; while he served on the fringes of Thailand for four years at a shelter for needy children.  Separately, Gina Chan and Daryl Tay had returned to Singapore in 2018, for an “involuntary break” from overseas missions, expecting to jump back into the field they each felt called to after a year at the Singapore Bible College (SBC).  But God had other plans.

Let's Get Real with Brandon Ho

If you recognise his trademark one-dimpled grin, that’s because Brandon Ho is a familiar face in the Malaysian entertainment scene. He’s usually playing one of these roles: TV host, emcee, actor, YouTuber. Last year, Brandon added another role to his repertoire: podcast host. But unlike his previous projects, Let’s Get Real is the first time Brandon—who is vocal about his faith on his social media platforms—is discussing the Christian faith openly with other prominent Christians in Malaysia.
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I Was Blind, But Now I See: Finding God Amid Diabetes, Blindness, and Kidney Failure

When I was 10, my mother noticed ants crawling around the toilet bowl after I had used it. I had also suddenly become prone to fainting spells, and could not put on weight no matter how much I ate. So my mum brought me to a doctor, and it was then that we learned that I had diabetes.
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Yu Lian: How A 10-year-old Steered My Life in A Different Course

Coming from a safe haven like Singapore, Yu Lian’s heart stirred as she met children from a shelter whose lives were tainted by drug abuse and family violence from as young as six years old. The year was 2010. The young Christian, then 18 years old, had just embarked on her very first mission trip with Radion International–a Christian organisation which serves villages in rural parts of Thailand–over her polytechnic school holidays. 

When My Brother Committed Suicide

Read this story on YMI about Chen Xi's grief process after her brother committed suicide and how it impacted her relationship with God.

Carole Ann: I Lost All My Limbs, But Never Felt More Alive

Two years ago, Carole Ann was staring death in the face after a freak injury almost took her life. Yet, following a four-month stint in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)—half of which was spent in a coma—and even after having all her limbs amputated, the 43-year-old has never felt more alive.

Julia Malucelli: Empowering Young Lives with $30,000 and a Story

Julia Malucelli is bringing the age-old story of Queen Esther into the hands of young children around the world, in the hopes that the Jewish woman’s courage will encourage them to see themselves as God intended them to be: called with a purpose.