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A woman feels reluctant to start her meal

Jayna: An Eating Disorder Ate Up More Than Just My Health

My worldview informed me that to be beautiful—to be perfect—I had to be thin. When a schoolmate commented on how I had gained weight, that really impressed on me how “imperfect” I was.
Natalie story featured image

Natalie Tan: I Lost Not One, But Three Babies

On August 10, 2019, just a day before Natalie Tan experienced a little spotting, friends had put together a gender reveal party for her and her husband. Expecting triplets, they opened three boxes of balloons, one by one, and found that their prayer for a mix of genders was answered.

How Two Friends Got a Church to Host a Gaming Party

Once every three months, Mitcham Baptist Church, in Melbourne, Australia, hosts a service of a different kind—a LAN party.
Susannah Story - Family

Susanna Chong: Seeing My Special Needs Child Through God’s Eyes

When Susanna Chong experienced intermittent bleeding during her second pregnancy, doctors urged her to undergo genetic testing. They were concerned that her second child would be like her firstborn, who was diagnosed with multiple disabilities as a baby and has not been able to walk or talk since.
Image of lady with her 3 children

Ames Chen: Why I Write About the “Invisible People”

Hearing all the stories about unfair treatment, abuse, depression, and other struggles by this group of “invisible people” kept Ames awake at night.
Charles, Diana, and The Big C

Charles, Diana, and The Big C: The Wake-Up Call to Happily Ever After

When Charles first met Diana at a high school alumni event over a decade ago, he was one of those guys who grew up knowing that God existed. He had attended a Christian school, but he didn’t believe in Jesus.

We Prayed for a Baby for Seven Years

"Where's the baby?" This was the question that baffled my wife, Maricar, and me at the first ultrasound exam. It was the year 2000. We had only been married for a few months then, and the thought of becoming expectant parents was exciting!
Gods Unexpected Good Plan for Me A Baby with Down Syndrome

God's Unexpected Good Plan for Me: A Baby with Down Syndrome

What do you do when God calls you to something—that was never in your plans? Will you trust Him? Will you embrace His call?
Im a christian leader should i be struggling with depression

I'm a Christian Leader—Should I Be Struggling with Depression?

It was the day after Christmas three years ago. My dad had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.