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ODB: Look to the Skies

Alex Smalley wants everyone to wake up earlier—or perhaps pause more at day’s end. Why? To gaze at sunrises and sunsets.
Person putting a magnifying glass on his heart

Let’s Have A Heart Check

For a world that’s so focused on getting results, it may not really matter what we think or how we feel about something; what matters is we get things done. But for us believers, we know that God sees our hearts—what’s on the inside matters just as much, if not more.

ODB: Keeping Our Spiritual Edge

The Rocky movies tell the story of a raw boxer, fueled by never-say-die determination, who overcomes improbable odds to become heavyweight champion.

ODB: Extending Christ’s Kindness

Kindness or revenge? Isaiah had just been hit in the head by a wild pitch during a Little League regional championship baseball game.

ODB: God in the Past and Present

It had been years since we left the Oregon town where we raised our family.

ODB: Making God Known

A love for God and for people undergirds Kathryn’s Bible translating work.

ODB: Called and Equipped by God

“Your job for the international book expo,” my boss informed me, “is to organize an onsite radio broadcast.” I felt fear because this was new territory for me.

ODB: A Change of Venue

My friend Joann passed away from a stroke just as the coronavirus began to spread in 2020.
Let God transform the way you think. (Ref Romans 12:2, NLT)

Typography: Romans 12:2

Be more "open-minded". That’s what we're often told. We are advised to be more receptive to whatever others have to say.