Will To Be Faithful

. . . choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . —Joshua 24:15

ODB: A Friend in Failure

On November 27, 1939, three treasure hunters accompanied by film crews dug through the asphalt outside of the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater in Southern California. They were looking for the Cahuenga Pass treasure, consisting of gold, diamonds, and pearls rumored to have been buried there seventy-five years earlier.They never found it. After twenty-four days of digging, they struck a boulder and stop

Isn't It Arrogant to Claim that Christianity Is the Only Way to God?

I have often found myself struggling with the pressure from church and Christian friends to “make” people Christians. I don’t actually find it that easy to share my beliefs with non-Christians. And the stress of doing so can start to make these people “projects” in my mind, rather than friends. How then can we share Christ with them in a gentle and respectful manner? If you’ve felt the same way that I do, here are some pointers that may help.

All Efforts of Worth and Excellence Are Difficult

Enter by the narrow gate . . . . Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life . . . —Matthew 7:13-14

ODB: Prayer Eggs

Just outside my kitchen window, a robin built her nest under the eaves of our patio roof. I loved watching her tuck grasses into a safe spot and then hunker down to incubate the eggs. Each morning I checked her progress; but each morning, there was nothing. Robin eggs take two weeks to hatch.Such impatience isn’t new for me. I’ve always strained against the work of waiting, especially

When Your Love Languages Don't Match

What was wrong with me? Am I that selfish? Am I that unappreciative? How could I know that my husband works so hard to selflessly serve me, but then ask him to love me in a different way? Am I not satisfied with all of his efforts?

Visions Become Reality

The parched ground shall become a pool . . . —Isaiah 35:7

ODB: A Flourishing Tree

I’ve always had a collector’s heart. As a kid, I collected stamps. Baseball cards. Comics. Now, as a parent, I see the same impulse in my kids. Sometimes I wonder, Do you really need another teddy bear? Of course, it’s not about need. It’s about the allure of something new. Or sometimes the tantalizing draw of something old, something rare. Whatever c

Don’t Plan Without God

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass —Psalm 37:5