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How can a Loving God only save some?

By Yutaro Kato

If God is all-powerful, why am I trapped by anxiety?

By Yutaro Kato

Isn’t Christianity Just A Bunch of Outdated Rules?

By Max Jeganathan

What if all I believed about Jesus wasn’t true?

By Jose Philip

Why does a loving God allow me to be entrapped by anxiety?

By Wong Sum Keong

Why does God care about my sexuality?

By Yutaro Kato

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How should Christians respond when it comes to suffering? Check out this video as Max Jeganathan, Director and Speaker of @Thinking Faith , shares his perspective on this issue. There’s more to come so keep a look out!

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Christianity in Today’s Culture?

Does Christianity relate to today’s culture? You’ve read the articles and listened to the talks, but you’re still probably wondering how the Christian faith all fits into our modern society. Well, these little write ups are just for you. Each title is designed to make sense of today’s culture from a Christian perspective. Have a read!

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You only live once, why not take a risk with Jesus?

Like its forebears Carpe Diem (“Seize the Day”), Just Do It, and C’est La Vie (“That’s Life”), this two-syllable, four-letter term implies enjoying life to the fullest, even if it involves taking risks. But perhaps we need to consider how we can live our lives with true purpose and joy, rather than empty recklessness. A life lived following Jesus Chris, no matter how brief, builds a lasting legacy.


Why do we love to take selfies?

When we post selfies, the world can see more of us than ever before. This acceptance is often measured by the number of “likes” we get. But if we have a full understanding of who we are as Jesus’ creations, then we will no longer worry about what other people think of us or our selfies.


Are you the real you?

Instagram filters allow users to change the most average-looking photo into a work of art, with just a click of a button. It shows our wish to look good to others – and sometimes, to pretend we’re as good as we seem to be, even when we’re not. We might be able to hide our imperfections from others, but God knows our every feeling, thought, and action.


Can we ever find fulfillment?

#lifegoals hashtag is all about ticking off our bucket list, but the endless yearning to chase and immortalize our earthly goals can easily lead to a great sense of dissatisfaction. It is only in Jesus that we can attain everlasting fulfillment, and it’s by seeking Him out that we will come into ultimate contentment.

cartoon of person taking a selfie in the mirror with text overlay of Mirror Mirror What makes you beautiful?

Mirror, Mirror

What makes you beautiful?

Our true value is not found in our looks, the cliques we belong to, our number of followers on Instagram, or the size of our jeans. Our worth lies in knowing how much God loves us, and He is waiting to lead us on a journey to know true beauty and to understand how precious we are in His sight.

Relationship Goals Images- man proposing to woman graphic


What about a relationship that lasts beyond a hashtag?

A short scroll on social media tells us how much we love our significant others. And we make it known through our stories and updates, detailing how blessed we are to be with someone who understands us and loves us best, warts and all—ending with the hashtag: #relationshipgoals. It’s mirrored in close to 18 million posts on Instagram. But as we know it, staying in that state of “blissfully in love” just doesn’t last. So does a perfect relationship actually exist? Can we ever attain those #relationshipgoals we’ve been using to measure our relationships?

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