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Jessica Tanoesoedibjo: Why I Donate My Birthdays Away

Feb 27, 2020/by Contributor
Daniel Hamlin

Daniel Hamlin: Finding Purpose beyond the Waves

Dec 16, 2019/by YMI

Lisa Anderson: Creating A Safe Space for Teen Moms

Dec 6, 2019/by Michele Ong

Abraham and Cheng Yu: We Invited the Homeless to Our Wedding

Nov 13, 2019/by Contributor

Andrew Hui: I’m 32 and I’m Dying

Aug 29, 2019/by Janice Tai

Tom Nearing: Into the Light

Jun 14, 2019/by YMI

Heidy Quah: Giving Up University to Serve Refugees

Nov 16, 2018/by YMI

Thompson: Why Am I Battling Depression?

Nov 12, 2018/by YMI

Ken and Addy: Sharing Home with Complete Strangers

Jul 27, 2018/by Andrew Koay

Zakaria Zhou: From Drug Dealer to Gospel Bearer

Jun 29, 2018/by Janice Tai

Xempt: A New Name And New Lease On Life

Feb 23, 2018/by Caleb Young

Hannah Yeoh: Becoming Malaysia’s First Woman Speaker

Jan 18, 2018/by Janice Tai

Craig Greenfield: Family in the slums and urban fringes

Dec 8, 2017/by Janice Tai

Jonathan Hayashi: Gangster Turned Pastor

Nov 10, 2017/by Constance Goh

Propaganda: Music is an Outpouring of My Heart

Sep 8, 2017/by Contributor

James Fazio: Changing Lives after a Near Death Experience

Aug 25, 2017/by Michele Ong

Cassandra Kanda: Rocking Christian Music

Jul 26, 2017/by Contributor

Ivan David Ng: Displaying Love and Art Amid Hostility

Jul 7, 2017/by Constance Goh

Ming Yue: Behind the Goofy YouTuber

Jun 29, 2017/by Constance Goh

Janelle: Facing Pain with a Pen

Jun 9, 2017/by Contributor

Amy Peterson: The Banished Missionary

Apr 25, 2017/by Constance Goh

Paul Wong: Hotshot Lawyer to Devoted Campus Pastor

Mar 3, 2017/by Janice Tai

George Moss: Rapping and Dressing to Be a Blessing

Feb 10, 2017/by Contributor

Eugene Wee: To Reach the Poor, He became Poor

Jan 6, 2017/by Contributor

Karen Lietz: Being a Third Culture Kid

Mar 14, 2016/by Joanna Hor

Meet Jordan Wei : The Pop Star Pianist

Jan 14, 2016/by YMI

Artist Galih Suseno: Why Am I Painting

Dec 7, 2015/by YMI

Pam, Wex and Rachel: Planning Picnics for Complete Strangers

Nov 19, 2015/by Wendy Wong

Beacon Light: Where Gospel Meets Hip Hop

Sep 25, 2015/by Contributor

Djae Outlaw: Putting the Focus on Him

Aug 6, 2015/by Joanna Hor

5 Minutes with Singer-songwriter: Dominick Cox

Jun 22, 2015/by YMI

Esther Ang: How She left it all behind

May 14, 2015/by Joanna Hor

5 Minutes with the Illustrator: Marie Toh

Apr 4, 2015/by YMI

Jonathan Kiew: From Youth-at-risk to Youth Worker

Feb 17, 2015/by Joanna Hor

The Man Behind “David and Goliath” Comic

Jan 17, 2015/by Joanna Hor

Singer-Songwriter Alarice Tay: Music expresses my worship

Jul 25, 2014/by YMI

Singer-songwriter Andy Phillip: Sharing my faith through songs

Oct 22, 2013/by YMI

CTI Summer Team 2013: Servants First, Musicians Second

Sep 5, 2013/by YMI

Team Xtreme: Strength To Glorify God

Aug 14, 2013/by YMI

Youtuber Twins: In Tune with God’s Will

Jul 24, 2013/by YMI

Dr Ajith Fernando: Highs and Lows of Youth Ministry

Jan 11, 2013/by YMI

Jesse L: My Journey to Faith

Jul 30, 2012/by YMI

ABODA: One Family Devoted to Worshiping God

Aug 24, 2011/by Contributor

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Faith: Music to connect with others

Jul 19, 2011/by YMI


Aug 24, 2010/by YMI