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Coming Back to Center—The Psalms

Title: Coming Back to Center—The Psalms Artwork by: Zach Stuef(@stuefcreative) Description: This project is the culmination of a time where I needed to refocus my life on the Cross after a particularly hectic work season when I was a design intern with a major company in Detroit. During that season, I focused solely on myself and my […]

4 Ways to Navigate A Painful Break-Up

Heartbreak. Tears. A breakup you never saw coming.

Do you remember it? The moment your heart was shattered into a million pieces?

From God’s Heart To Yours

Title: From God’s Heart To Yours Artwork by: Estelle Quek (@morethanworks) Description: It’s Valentine’s Day! We all know it’s d-day where we celebrate love, whether you are attached or single. It’s a day we associate with giddy feelings, chocolates and balloons, and of course, love letters!   At some point in our lives, we’ve probably written a love […]

When Marriage Isn’t Quite What You Hoped For

I grew up with Ashley (not her real name) and we attended the same schools. We talked a lot about relationships when we were younger and the kind of married life we hoped for.