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If God Is With Me, Why Do I Feel Depressed?

Depression is a mental illness that l live with every day. l was officially diagnosed with depression three years ago after l became burnout from my work as a teacher.

The #10YearChallenge: How Has God Worked In Your Life?

If you’ve been active on social media lately, you would’ve seen the #10YearChallenge hashtag, along with side-by-side photos of your friends from 10 years ago and now, dominating your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Sewing a flourishing community

Title: Sewing a flourishing community Artwork by: Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop) Description: “The Hands Series” was a personal project to encourage creatives to come together and work as a community, instead of viewing each other as competitors. It can be easy to slip into a competitive mindset, especially when there are so many other creatives on Instagram who […]

What My Failed Blind Date Taught Me About God

I could feel my heart pulsing. Any sense of calm I’d been harboring fled like an outgoing tide. In the Pacific Northwest, I experienced a similar feeling looking over the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet above the wild Pacific Ocean. This time the cause was even more intimidating—I was on a blind date.