Starting our first jobs can be very thrilling, giving us a sense of having “made it”, and we’re fizzing with anticipation at the idea of doing big, legendary things in our workplaces, and of course, looking forward to that paycheck and paid leaves.

These are exciting times, but it also pays to arm ourselves with some realities the workplace may bring so we won’t feel disillusioned when things don’t pan out the way we had hoped. For instance, we didn’t land our dream job, or job hunting is taking longer than what we envisioned it would be.

Here’s some advice from those who have gone before:

The alarm rings and and we’re thinking of a thousands ways to call in sick. The blazing fire within us that once burnt brightly has now been reduced to a flickering flame, and no amount of fanning it seem to bring the fire back up.

Our enthusiasm for our work has, over the years, been dulled by disappointments, hard-to-please bosses and colleagues, and stressful workloads. These days the only way we’re able to make it out of bed is if we schedule nice pick-me-ups during the week, countdown to the weekend, or think of our piles of bills to pay. 

If you say “yes” to any of the above, we have some tips for you to consider on what your next steps might look like—it doesn’t necessarily mean emailing your boss your resignation letter stat.

03 Career Plan
08 underemployment

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