Get closer to God by swapping your social media scroll time for a quiet moment in God’s Word with daily devotionals for young adults from YMI.

YMI Devotionals Written by Young Adults for Young Adults

YMI Reading Psalms Devotional

5-Day Devotional

Need help sorting through your emotions? Join us on this 5-days devotional as we track through the Psalms, and allow God to transform our worries into worship, panic into praise, and sorrows into song.


7-Day Devotional

What would you do if God asked you to do something illogical? Join us in this 7-day devotional as we dive into the rich and bottomless mercies of a God who pursues us even in the face of our disobedience and doubts.

15-Day Devotional

Are you tired of living a double life or making starts and stops in your faith? Join us in this 15-day devotional as we consider how we can live a vibrant and authentic Christian life.

20-Day Devotional

What does it look like to live in a world filled with so much uncertainty and the unknown? Join us in this 20-day devotional as we seek to navigate the complexities of this life with the light and wisdom of Christ.

30-Day Devotional

Are you finding it difficult to know how and where to find true joy and peace in a world that’s increasingly fraught with anxiety? Join us in this 30-day devotional to find encouragement and ways to know what it looks like to stand firm in Christ amid trials and opposition.

30-Day Devotional

Are you looking for practical wisdom for everyday living? Join us in this 30-day devotional that covers themes like true religion, true faith and true wisdom, and be inspired to grow in spiritual maturity and live your life wholly for Jesus.

Other Devotionals



Helplessly and Completely Dependent

As our children get older, most of us would encourage them to be independent. We want them to think for themselves and not be so reliant on us to care for them.



ODB: Hope of Healing

A new cause for hope has emerged for people paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. German researchers have discovered a way to stimulate nerve growth to reconnect the neural pathways between the muscles and the brain.

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