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A woman is lying in her bed and thinking

Artspace: How can I be happy in heaven if my loved ones aren’t there?

When we think about our loved ones who have yet to know Christ, many of us often feel the weight of an impossible burden in drawing them to Christ–we think that we’re solely responsible for leading them to Christ, and place unrealistic expectations on ourselves in our interactions with them, or the way we even love and think about them. 

Beyond Meet-Cutes: The Off-Screen Realities of Dating

In movies, relationships often begin with a “meet-cute” — a serendipitous encounter — that ignites a “spark,” blossoms into a fiery romance, and ends with a happy ever after. They seem to make the point that relationships, done right, should feel thrilling and effortless at the same time.

Turn Small Talk into Meaningful Conversations

We know how hard it is to go beyond small talk–or even to know what we should be asking to move the conversation beyond those same few questions about our lives.

It's Time to Rethink the Way We Measure Our Worth

we possess, how valuable our opinions are to others, or the level of our self-esteem?
Girl facing monster

Fighting My Fears: A Poem

When was the last time you felt crippled by fear? Was it a fear of failure? Fear of rejection? Fear of the future?

Artspace: Why Do I Always Think I’m Not Good Enough?

Self-doubt seems to be the norm for many of us these days, and while we all have insecurities, sometimes we can let them get to us, to the point that we’re constantly fretting about not being good enough.

Artspace: Have You Taken God for Granted?

“Don’t take God for granted.” “Don’t think you can get away with sin just because salvation is yours to keep.” “Don’t test God’s patience.” Do you often have such thoughts and try to defend yourself?
Girl with her boyfriend.

Artspace: To the Girl Without A Boyfriend

When the single heart longs for someone to love and date, waiting for God to bring the right person into our lives can seem like an impossible task. Because, oh, imagine what joy it is to have someone we can talk to, and share our deepest secrets with, for a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.
Frienship Pallete

Our Friendship Palette: #YMIFriendlyReminders Art Challenge Gallery

True friends deserve to be recognised and celebrated! In an effort to say thank you to our besties, we ran the #YMIFriendlyReminders art challenge inviting our artists to send in their illustrations reflecting God’s gift of friendship.