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How God Helped Me Move On From a Past Relationship

We were in a relationship for seven years. It ended when I told him that I would choose career over relationship. When I finally realised that he was truly important in my life, I got in touch with him again, hoping we could get back together. But I was too late.
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What Made Me Decide to Delete My Dating Apps

I prayed about it. I also asked my church mentor and family for advice, and they were supportive. But after 1 1⁄2 years of being on dating apps and going on dating events, I have decided that these are not for me.
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How God Rewrote My Love Formula

I started my search for love at 21. I used to dream about the ideal guy—Christian, older, tall, handsome, a true gentleman. I wanted to create a “formula” for love, beginning with a checklist. Although I’d always been told to trust God for a partner, having a checklist felt like I was at least doing something on my part. 
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When Office Gossip Left Me Embarrassed

Believing that it’s usually the guy who’s expected to make the first move, I was afraid that people would be laughing behind my back and making negative comments about me. Truth was, I felt ashamed about having been “rejected romantically”.
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Are We Over-Spiritualising Our Love Lives?

In Bible College (or “Bridal College” as it’s also known), I was asked out on a date by a guy whom I had clearly stuck in the friend-zone list. But my friends encouraged us to be together because we were “so perfect for one another”. And he seemed to be everywhere I happened to be—surely this was a “sign” from God.
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Dear Younger Self, It’s Time to Break Up and You Know Why

You probably didn’t expect that you’d be here today, thinking about whether you should break up with your non-Christian boyfriend.
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What I Wish My Younger Self Knew About Lust

There’s one thing I need to warn you about. You’re going to struggle with lust, and I’m sad to say that a lot of it will stem from these three lies that you will—or already—believe about sex and intimacy.
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Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

I was dating the “edgy Christian guy” who played guitar in the worship team and wore cool shoes. He also exhibited small but worrying behaviours at times, but I figured I would be able to fix them.
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Does it Matter Who Makes the First Move?

I was the one who made the first move by asking my then-boyfriend (now husband) out. We first met online and after an encouraging conversation, I initiated a coffee date.