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Reminders When You're Stuck In A Grind

How can we turn our daily rhythms from a weary grind into a steady groove? Can we bring God into the ordinary and mundane moments of our lives?
Misconceptions of mental health

4 Misconceptions about Mental Health

Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right when it comes to understanding mental ill-health (And we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves!)
Outdo one another in showing honour

Typography: Romans 12:10

In a world often marked by envy and comparison, what can set…
He will never reject you

Typography: John 6:37

We all have skeletons in our closets that we'd never share with…
Illustration of two doors

Don’t Put Your Love on Lockdown

Opening homes. Sharing meals. Connecting virtually. Delivering packages.  There’s no telling when this pandemic will end, but that has never been within our control. While we can’t guarantee when the next lockdown might happen, we can make sure of one thing: our love does not have to be on lockdown. 
He's the constant friend you've been looking for

Typography: Proverbs 18:24

Let's face it: friendships can be really tough. We've all felt…
Love each other, just as Jesus loved you.

Typography: John 13:34

We're used to being told what to do by those who don't have to…
Kids on a bowl of "Ica Kacang"

Let’s Not Give Up on Malaysia

It may feel like there’s nothing much for us to celebrate this Malaysia Day (especially while COVID’s kept us stuck at home!), but the past year has shown us there’s still much we can thank God for. Though we’ve experienced many ups and downs as a nation, we’ve continued to see the Malaysian spirit on display as we’ve bounced back from challenge after challenge. This Malaysia Day, let’s look back on how we’ve grown stronger as a nation, and celebrate the different ways we’ve come together to help each other cope during this difficult time. And let’s commit our beloved tanah air into God’s hands, trusting Him to help us grow as a caring and united nation What’s one harapan you have for Malaysia this year? Share it with us in the comments below!
Have the same care for each other.

Typography: 1 Corinthians 12:25

We all have different gifts, personalities, temperaments, strengths,…