2020 Isn’t That Bad After All

The start of this new decade may not have panned out the way we hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean 2020 has been a waste. 

Meeting God in Little Moments

About two years ago, I found myself often anxious, sad, and worried about many things. I prayed and asked God to draw me closer to Him, so that I could find peace and joy in my heart again. As I began to recognize His presence with me, my perspective shifted.

5 Reminders When You Feel Like Giving Up

We pray these real-life stories and testimonies will encourage you to find strength in the unshakeable goodness of our God.

Indonesian Batik Day

Hope is woven into the fabric of our souls, giving us a reason to press on another day. Hope infuses us with strength, knowing things will turn out alright in the end. Hope is the essence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). 

Purpose In The Words Of 5 Famous People

What are we living for? What gets us out of bed every morning? Why do we do what we do?  Regardless of who we are or what we’ve accomplished in life, these are questions that we’ll probably ask ourselves at some point.

Beauty bag must-haves for believers

Is your toiletry bag clogged with beauty and grooming products that have significantly failed to deliver? The serum gave you an outbreak, the bold lipstick promising 24-hour color flaked within seconds, and the body cleanser smelt like a toilet freshener. You’ve shelled out good money for them too, and you’re now left wondering, “I just want to look and smell good, why’s that so hard?”

Confronting Conflict the Healthy Way

Imagine a life devoid of conflict, disagreements, and hurts. And even if any one of those arose, we can happily shake on it, and agree to disagree. How happy and enjoyable our lives will be!  Unfortunately, because we’re all sinful beings and we live in a broken world, conflicts do and will arise in our everyday lives. 
The Rejected & the Redeemer

The Rejected and the Redeemer

When we look at Jesus’ life, we see that he had many radical interactions with people who were marginalized—those who had fallen to the fringes of society because of sin, shame, judgment, or even physical defect and sickness. 

Breaking Misconceptions of the Marginalized

We’re all familiar with Jesus’ command to feed the poor, look after the weak among us, and reach out to the marginalized. But for most of us, it’s also a command that we often ignore.