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Woman choosing between Bible and hobbies.

What If I Find My Hobbies More Fun Than the "Christian Things"?

 When spending time with God feels like a chore (like having to finish your homework before you can play/watch TV)—could it be because we’ve separated God’s joys from ours, and we think that He only wants us to do the serious, “Christian” stuff all the time?
4 women take photo with their glasses and cups

Let's Talk About: Women Supporting Women

It’s a tough gig being a woman in the 21st century. We’re expected to be a “super-mum/daughter/aunty/domestic goddess”, while constantly having to prove that we’re just as capable (if not more capable) than our male counterparts in our schools and workplaces. 
a girl is surround with flower

Lent is Not . . .

We often think that Lent is all about cleaning ourselves up and denying ourselves life’s pleasures–but in fact, it’s the opposite.
A girl about to go in the train

Love on the Way Home

Valentine’s Day can magnify our feelings of loneliness.  We think having a “significant other” in our lives is the ticket to easing the pangs of loneliness,  but that isn’t true. We can be dating and married, and still feel lonely. 
A man is looking at his laptop

Should We Love Ourselves?

We hear so much about self-love and self-care (“You do you!” “Live your truth.” “Don’t care about what others think!”) these days. Sure, loving and caring for ourselves help us draw healthy boundaries and ensure that we’re treated properly, but sometimes we gotta admit that self-love isn’t enough. 

When God Hits the Refresh Button (As seen through 3 Bible Characters)

Have a look at our Heavenly Father’s record. See how He brought about new beginnings in these Bible characters’ lives, and turned their life trajectory around so that their lives are no longer “same old, same old”, but speak of His steadfastness and love.
Illustration of 5 rabbits

5 Blessings to Hop on This Lunar New Year

His blessings for us are not wishful thinkings, hoping against hope that they’ll come true–they are already true for those who remain true and streadfast in Him.

Affirm Yourself with These 5 Biblical Truths

Positive affirmations can only bring us so far, and if we are not careful, we might start to focus and rely on our frail, broken and limited selves more to bring our goals to fruition.
Illustration of a man drinking coffee

Are We Just Having Coffee Dates with God?

Having a relationship with God is the most important thing. But what does it mean?