Singer-Songwriter Alarice Tay: Music expresses my worship

1. When did you realise you had a gift in singing and song writing?

I used to sing in the shower and in the car as a young kid. Back then, no one told me I could sing so I had no idea. The eureka moment was when I moved to Australia, when I was 14 years old, and I went to a Karaoke session with my friends from school— that was the first time I really sang in public, in front of three or four people. All my friends were like, “Man, Alarice, you have a really nice voice! Your voice really touches me.” So it was through the affirmation from friends that I discovered my talent.

I started song writing at about 16 or 17 when I started learning the guitar. I took up lessons in school only because a friend didn’t want to go alone. It was funny because in the end, she dropped out but I stayed on. After learning guitar, I was able to start song writing with just about four chords (that’s all you need to start a song).

2. How does your faith affect the way you view music and service to God?

My faith defines everything in my life—be it in my relationships, work, church, passions, or hobbies. I have always considered myself as a lover and worshipper of God before I am an artist. My music is just something that I do; it is a means to an end. My music is just a tool for me to express my worship to God and that is really my heartbeat.

3. What led to the theme behind your album The Kingdom?

The Lord showed me a verse, Matthew 13:44. It is a simple parable—this man finds a treasure in a field, it was something so precious that he decided to lay down everything he had, meaning he sold everything (in modern terms, it might be his car, house, etc). God showed me that is how irresistible His kingdom really is. When people see how good His kingdom is, they would “sell everything” to be a part of it. It’s what every human heart longs for. He has set eternity in our hearts.

4. What do you hope to achieve with your songs?

I hope that my songs will be able to minister, that is really encourage someone’s heart, bringing healing, clarity, and joy to them. Basically, I want His kingdom to come to earth when people hear my songs.

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