Singer-songwriter Vanessa Faith: Music to connect with others

Come and hear what Singaporean singer-songwriter – Vanessa Faith – has to share about dreams, reality, embarrassing moments and her favorite artistes!

(words and music by Vanessa Faith)

Good things they don’t fall from apple trees
Don’t sit there and just enjoy the breeze
Get back, you gotta get back on your feet
Draw a map, and get back to me
(Get back to me)

There are times when i stay awake
Thinking of you
Dying to get back to
Brew and construe

I try to paint a picture
Thinking of you
On a train, on a bus
People stand amused

Where have you gone to
Grace and virtue
Cos here i am
Cold and framed
Hearing once again

Small steps to town
I hear their voice aloud
Talking and laughing
Called me a weakling

I stopped and pondered
Thinking of you
Ate cold cream, my face beamed
I know what He means
Finally knew what He means

The Chinese has this saying “守株待兔”(literally, it means “wait by the tree for the rabbit”)。According to legend, during the Song dynasty, there was a farmer who witnessed a rabbit hitting a tree and died as result. He hence put down his farming tools and waited at that tree for the next rabbit to do likewise. This saying illustrates that it’s foolhardy to not work hard, and simply rely on chance for good things to happen.

Similarly, in our pursuit of God, intimacy doesn’t just happen. It needs conscious and deliberate effort on our part to draw near to Him. May we be like Ezra who “set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it” (Ezra 7:10).

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