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5 Humbling Lessons I’ve Learned As a New Mom

As I’m writing this article, my 3½-month-old baby is stretching in her rocker and “talking” to herself. It amazes me how much she has grown in these past months—from a wrinkly, frowning newborn to a chubby, still frowning baby.

Relationship Distractions: 5 Big Culprits

I’ll be the first to admit that I am easily distracted. More than once (all right, I’ll admit it’s more like every other week), my husband has pointed out that I was not listening to him when he talked because I was either trying to figure out when we last did the laundry, what to eat for dinner or was watching a Buzzfeed video on useful cooking tips.

Why I’m so Affected by the Nepal Quake

Just three days ago, the world recoiled in horror as images of devastation and disaster unfolded on the news—Nepal had been hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, the worst to hit the nation in more than 80 years. Having been to Kathmandu numerous times and forged some good relationships with the locals there, I was […]

Why I Started Thinking About The Resurrection

I was having dinner with a good friend one evening, when she suddenly asked, “So what exactly is Good Friday all about?” It was the first time anyone had asked me such a question, and I was caught off guard. Thankfully, I managed to recover from my surprise, and explained to my friend, who was […]

5 Ways to Know He is the One to Marry

Dating can be terrifying and tiring—how do you know that the guy you’re dating really is the one to marry? I asked this question before, 16 months ago to be exact. Sixteen months on, I’m grateful to God and my family members for helping me in my decision. I don’t have a wealth of experience, […]

The Free Gift with No Strings Attached

I’m probably not the only one who is taken in by the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotions that many shops offer, especially at this time of the year when all of us are busy shopping for Christmas gifts!

When God Seems to Be Ignoring Our Prayers

It was 5:58 a.m. when I answered her call. “Hello?” I croaked, and my friend began bawling over the phone. She had just lost her sister to a battle with leukemia