Why I Started Thinking About The Resurrection

I was having dinner with a good friend one evening, when she suddenly asked, “So what exactly is Good Friday all about?”

It was the first time anyone had asked me such a question, and I was caught off guard. Thankfully, I managed to recover from my surprise, and explained to my friend, who was of another faith, what Good Friday means to Christians.

The episode, however, got me thinking about what Jesus’ death and resurrection truly means for my day-to-day living. After some thought, I came to three conclusions

1. Through Christ’s resurrection, we are assured that He is the living God.

This simply means that He has conquered death and so will we (2 Timothy 1:10). With family members falling ill and having to go for biopsies and surgeries, I often face much worry and pain. However, I take comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, we will be reunited for eternity. Of course, the momentary physical separation will be sorrowful, but because of what happened at the Cross, I have hope that we will meet again.

2. Through Christ’s resurrection, we are given grace.

Grace means receiving something we do not deserve. Jesus’ death on the Cross was an act of grace, giving us salvation through faith (Eph 2:8-9). I confess that I am sinful; I often harbor angry thoughts and feelings of bitterness. Yet, I know that I am saved—though only through His grace. Every day, I am reminded that it is by His grace that I am alive. I like what writer Dave Branon says about grace in his book Stand Firm: “Grace falls on us like rain from above, straight from God’s hand to ours—unregulated by our worthiness.” How true!

3. Through Christ’s resurrection, we are given mercy.

While grace means receiving something we do not deserve, mercy means not receiving something we do deserve. God offered mercy when Jesus died for our sins, purchasing every sinner with His blood. Given how much of a sinner I am, I would probably deserve a much more terrible death than Jesus. Yet God does not inflict that punishment on me. I need His mercies every day, all the time.

This morning, as I woke up, showered, had breakfast and made my way to work, I made a mental note of God’s grace and mercies in my life. No matter what challenges I face today and what life may throw at me, it’s a great day and a great privilege to be alive, because Jesus died and rose again.

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