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A scene of baby Jesus n the mange with Mary and Joseph

Appreciating the Christmas Story through Fresh Eyes

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure all of us are seeing a lot of the nativity scene—the holy couple, tucked neatly into a triangular barn, with heads tilted toward the chubby babe Jesus, laid in a manger of hay. But did you know that how we tend to picture the nativity scene may not be totally accurate? 
Illustration of a lady in the middle of the road with sun shining

I Can’t Decide If I’m Ready for Jesus to Come Back

The last time I heard someone say he wasn’t ready for Jesus to come yet, it was my uncle, who had said that because he wanted to see my cousin get married first. I’ll be honest, the same thought has also occurred to me.
a girl is holding a cup of tea and sit beside the fireplace

It’s Christmas Already, But I’m Still Not Feeling It

I find myself avoiding Christmas for a handful of reasons—not the activities, but allowing the inside of me to truly engage; to worship, enjoy, meditate and be all there.
Group of Carolers singing Christmas cheer

Rediscovering the Hope of Christ Through Carols

Considering how often I hear Christmas carols, I’ve only just realised that I don’t really pay close attention to its words. It was during a recent chapel service at my university, when we sang “O Holy Night”, that the lyrics struck me
Woman sipping coffee in a santa hat

7 Ways to Be “All There” with God This Christmas

At Christmas, my heart can be going in about 167,856 directions at once. Packing! Advent with the kids! Decorating! Cookies! I’m just not all there with God. So, I’m pulling ideas together to help me (and hopefully you too) hone in on being “all there” this Christmas—starting with our audience of One.
Woman smiling holding Christmas lights

Easter: Hope for When Life Feels Too Hard

What do you pray when there is so much trouble around you and nothing you can do? For my pregnant due-any-moment friend with no power and roads covered in ice between her and the hospital? For my former neighbor who cares for her husband with dementia—as if that weren’t enough, she hurt her back right before all this happened. Who is taking care of them? I wondered. How do I pray in this situation?
Person with their head down on a rainy train ride

Why I’m Not Looking Forward To Easter This Year

“How are you doing with all of this?” one of my friends asked me recently. I think I told her that I was doing well, grateful to be able to work from home, and so on. But what I wish I would have said was the more honest answer: as our world continues to turn upside down, I have often felt discouraged, scared, and hopeless. Easter will not be the same this year.
Abstract family around the Christmas tree

5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart This Season

I can’t believe that the holiday season is already upon us. It felt like just a few short months ago that l pulled down the mistletoe, swept up the last remaining pine needles, and boxed up my Christmas decorations.
Man standing in a field praying

5 Ways to Prepare for Easter

“Will you Easter with me?” At first, my kiddo’s syntactical error made me giggle. But after a moment, I realized that she’d said something very profound.