A Prayer for Peace

Reading about wars in distant lands can make us feel helpless, especially when we feel unable to do anything practical to help those caught in the crosshairs of conflict. 

But even from where we are, we can cover them with our prayers, and trust that the God we pray to is all-powerful and in control, able to make wars end (Psalm 46:9) and bring everlasting peace (Isaiah 2:4). 

Let’s pray together.

Grappling with questions about suffering? Read this:

Let’s seek God together for peace as a body of Christ. We encourage you to share your prayer down in the comments below.

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  1. Adrienne Hull
    Adrienne Hull says:

    Amen, Our world needs prayer more now than I think it ever has. These times are definitely a struggle to understand how we are all going to be able to one day look to the other side of this. My only solace is my prayer to my Lord in Heaven Thank you for always being there for me to turn to.


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