Seeking Heavenly Things

Title: Seeking Heavenly Things
Materials: Digital hand-drawn lettering
Artwork by: Beth Rufener (@creatifolio)
Description: Those who are redeemed by Jesus Christ are called to seek heavenly things, to make things that are good, pure, lovely, and virtuous our daily portion—just like a hearty, nourishing meal. Seeking and longing after heavenly things will never fail to bless us and fill our souls with contentment. When have we ever regretted helping someone in need, sharing our faith, worshipping with other believers, praising God, or using our talents to give glory to the Lord? Just as a healthy meal gives nourishment to our bodies, a daily portion of these heavenly things will nourish and satisfy our souls.


Hungering After Righteousness

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6 KJV)


Seek Things Above

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. (Colossians 3:1 KJV)


The Lord is my Portion

The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. (Lamentations 3:24 KJV)

Knowing and Growing in The Lord

Title: Knowing and Growing in The Lord
Materials: Digital hand-drawn lettering
Artwork by: Beth Rufener (@creatifolio)
Description: May this series of hand-lettered verses inspire us to know God better and continuously grow in our relationship with Him: calling out to Him through prayer, reading His word, seeking Him, rejoicing in Him, and pursuing heavenly things.


Calling out to the Lord

If we’re seeking direction in our life, or if we’re making a decision, take it to the Lord in prayer. Simply using good judgment may yield a satisfactory outcome, but instead, consider calling out to God to show us the more excellent way, and we may find a greater blessing come in a way that we never expected. May this verse be an encouragement to ask God to lead and guide us in all things, great or small, and allow him to work wonders in us and through us.


My soul shall be joyful in the Lord

How can we not rejoice when the Lord helps us in times of trouble, or through any type of difficult situation? Use these times—times in which the Lord has made Himself clear to us—to let our souls sing out to glorify Him: sing praises to Him, use our talents to glorify Him, or use our joy to encourage someone else. And of course, take time to thank Him!


A lamp unto my feet

As we grow in the Lord, let His word guide us in all things. Seek encouragement from His word in hard times, and search His word for wisdom as we make big decisions and ask hard questions. But don’t wait for only the major life events in which to consult the Word. Write the Word of God into our hearts and let it light every small step of our journey of life as well. Getting accustomed to living each moment in the light of the word will allow us to see God’s will more clearly when those bigger challenges do come.


Seek the Lord and his strength

There are times when we might feel weak, inadequate, or just plain tired. These are times in which it might seem more important to draw strength from the Lord. But if we seek him continually, coming daily before Him in prayer and opening his word often, we can really grow and flourish in our walk of faith with Him.

Textured Words

Title: Textured Words
Materials: Embroidery
Artwork by: Laura Eisenga, Ally Crafts Co, Elizabeth Mattson
Description: Embroidery has made its way back into trend, from fashion into homes. We’ve spotted a few friends who decided to sew the words of scripture and hymns as an expression of their faith and would like to share them with you. If you have an interest in embroidery, you never know how your works can be used by God to inscribe His truths onto the hearts of others.


Laura Eisenga

I enjoy designing and stitching Bible verses and hymn lyrics in colorful thread and fun lettering because it makes me see the message in a new way. Embroidered pieces have texture, which makes it different from prints. You can feel the words with your fingers. People like to get close to it, even if it’s just a picture of it on social media. I’ve talked about my faith quite a bit since I’ve started embroidery, and I’ve found a community of Christian creatives that I didn’t know even existed. It also keeps me from snacking on Cheetos at night because you can’t stitch with cheesy fingers!

Artwork by Laura Eisenga (@sweetaddiebeth)


Artwork by Laura Eisenga (@sweetaddiebeth)


Artwork by Laura Eisenga (@sweetaddiebeth)


Ally Crafts Co

Ally crafts co was started to use this skill that God has so generously blessed us with, for His glory and purpose, and to encourage others (and myself) in our walk with God.

Artwork by Allycraftsco


Artwork by Allycraftsco


Artwork by Allycraftsco


Artwork by Allycraftsco


Elizabeth Mattson

In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about being wise with the spiritual gifts that we are given and to share those gifts with others.  By sharing my spiritual gift of creativity, I hope to be able to encourage other believers through my work.  I create beautiful embroideries to bless others and to open a door to ministry that would not have been possible otherwise.


Artwork by Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop)


Artwork by Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop)


Artwork by Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop)


Artwork by Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop)

There’s A Page For That

Title: There’s A Page For That
Materials: Bullet Journaling
 Artworks in collaboration with: Lynn Tran (@hwangmyeons)
Description: It seems like almost everyone is keeping a bullet journal these days. Are you?

Instead of turning to our smartphones and an endless system of organization apps, thousands have returned to a blank notebook as the perfect catch-all for organizing, capturing, and tracking life.

There are no rules to bullet journaling. The goal is to find your style and best practices for keeping track of what matters to you. Not sure what to include in your bullet journal? A quick search on Pinterest or YouTube can provide inspiration but this same search can also lead you to feelings of uncertainty. Should I be doing that too? Am I not doing enough? Do I need that notebook, those pens, and all that washi tape? Am I not creative, artistic, or organized enough to even keep a bullet journal?

Pretty soon what seemed like a simple and fun system of organization can turn into an obsession. More and more time is spent creating the perfect Instagram-worthy spread and less time is spent actually living and engaging with the items listed on the pages. It isn’t difficult to become devoted to this little book and find that we spend more time with it than we do God’s book — the Bible.

Organization is a noble goal but as Christians, we need to remember that we are called to live our lives centered around the Bible…and not our bullet journals. After all, God calls the one who delights in and meditates on his law “blessed”. (Psalm 1:1-2)

How can we stay organized without neglecting God’s Word? A bullet journal can be used as a great tool for developing spiritual accountability. Whether you track a daily Bible reading plan, reflect on passages of Scripture, or keep a list of prayer requests, a bullet journal can be used to direct you back to God and His Word.

Here are a few ideas of ways you can incorporate bullet journaling into your time with God.

  1. Include verses that you have been encouraged by from your time with God or want to memorize and etched on your heart.
  2. Make a page with verses that can help you deal with a sin or an attitude.
  3. Draw up a log that tracks your time spent on devotion.
  4. Keep a list of monthly prayer requests and journal the outcomes as God reveals His answers.
  5. Create a spread of photos that remind you of God’s blessings throughout a particular month.
  6. Dedicate pages for sermon notes that you can refer back to for specific lessons.

Remember: Glorify God in everything that you do (1 Corinthians 10:31), including bullet journalling.





Instagram image within journal by @designbyveco