Letters To Those Who Are Affected By Covid-19

Title: Letters To Those Who Are Affected By Covid-19
Artwork by:YMI
Description: Feeling helpless about Covid-19? Tired of forwarding bleak reports and messages to your friends each day? Worried about how the pandemic has been affecting your friends and family members? We’ve just the cure!

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully designed virtual mail to put a smile on someone’s face. Let’s spread some joy by sharing uplifting words of encouragement from God’s Word.

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You might be feeling unsettled and worried for your loved ones, not knowing when their condition might take a turn for the worse. 

But instead of wearying yourself down with worry, let’s turn to Christ and let His peace rule our hearts and minds as we commit our fears to Him in prayer.




Losing a loved one is never easy. But in the midst of our grief and pain, we can be comforted by the knowledge that death is not the end. 

One day, we’ll be united with our loved ones, and there’ll be no more death, pain, or sorrow. In the meantime, we pray you’ll be comforted by God’s love and presence.




You might be feeling anxious about losing your job or wondering whether you’ll have enough to put food on the table with a pay cut. 

No matter how bad the economic situation looks, we can trust our Heavenly Father, who knows our needs. Let’s fix our gaze on Him and rest in His provision.




Whether you’re stuck in isolation, or separated from family members overseas, the pain of being away from your loved ones, or not knowing when you’ll get to see them again, is real.

While we can’t be physically present with our family, we know that no virus or pandemic can separate each of us from the love of God. Let our hearts be at rest as we remind ourselves that He will sustain us and take care of our families.




Thank you for working overtime to fight Covid-19 and keep us all safe. We can’t imagine how draining it must be to work on the frontlines, so remember to take time to rest and get that extra boost of strength you need from God.

Don’t give up, we’re cheering you on!




Perhaps reading the daily reports on the growing number of Covid-19 cases has set you on edge. You’re worried that you or someone you know might be particularly susceptible to the virus.

But before you start panicking, why not turn to God in praise and prayer? Thank Him for keeping you safe thus far. List down all your worries and present them to Him honestly in prayer. And then, allow His peace which transcends all understanding, to guide your heart and mind.




If you’ve been placed in a position of authority or power, know that God has called you for such a time as this. 

Every decision that you make is important, but don’t let the stress of decision-making overwhelm you. Ask the Holy Spirit for godly wisdom and strength as you think through your plans, and He’ll guide you in all your ways.




It’s normal to feel disappointed that you’ve had to cancel your wedding, or that trip or exchange program you’ve been saving up for . . . to stay cooped up indoors.

We can’t control the times and seasons of our lives, but we know Someone who does—and He always makes all things beautiful in His time.

And while you’re waiting, why not throw yourself a different kind of party and feast on the Word of God?


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