Knowing and Growing in The Lord

Title: Knowing and Growing in The Lord
Materials: Digital hand-drawn lettering
Artwork by: Beth Rufener (@creatifolio)
Description: May this series of hand-lettered verses inspire us to know God better and continuously grow in our relationship with Him: calling out to Him through prayer, reading His word, seeking Him, rejoicing in Him, and pursuing heavenly things.


Calling out to the Lord

If we’re seeking direction in our life, or if we’re making a decision, take it to the Lord in prayer. Simply using good judgment may yield a satisfactory outcome, but instead, consider calling out to God to show us the more excellent way, and we may find a greater blessing come in a way that we never expected. May this verse be an encouragement to ask God to lead and guide us in all things, great or small, and allow him to work wonders in us and through us.


My soul shall be joyful in the Lord

How can we not rejoice when the Lord helps us in times of trouble, or through any type of difficult situation? Use these times—times in which the Lord has made Himself clear to us—to let our souls sing out to glorify Him: sing praises to Him, use our talents to glorify Him, or use our joy to encourage someone else. And of course, take time to thank Him!


A lamp unto my feet

As we grow in the Lord, let His word guide us in all things. Seek encouragement from His word in hard times, and search His word for wisdom as we make big decisions and ask hard questions. But don’t wait for only the major life events in which to consult the Word. Write the Word of God into our hearts and let it light every small step of our journey of life as well. Getting accustomed to living each moment in the light of the word will allow us to see God’s will more clearly when those bigger challenges do come.


Seek the Lord and his strength

There are times when we might feel weak, inadequate, or just plain tired. These are times in which it might seem more important to draw strength from the Lord. But if we seek him continually, coming daily before Him in prayer and opening his word often, we can really grow and flourish in our walk of faith with Him.

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