Don’t Give Fear A Terror-tory

All of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives, especially when we face new experiences or are forced out of our comfort zones. The uncertainty of the future can paralyze us, taking on its own terror-tory (territory, pun intended). But instead of focusing on our fears, why not set our sights on our big God, who promises to be with us in all of our fears and anxieties?

Dear God, Do You Care?

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From God’s Heart To Yours

Title: From God’s Heart To Yours Artwork by: Estelle Quek (@morethanworks) Description: It’s…

Faith, Trust & Hope

Title: Faith, Trust & Hope Artwork by: Kristen Stansell…

What do You Pray About?

What do you usually pray for or talk to God about? I guess our prayers could be likened to the conversations we have.

Divine Promises

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RE:Align / Pain or Gain?

No one likes to suffer. We often ask, “Do I deserve this?" Why is there pain and suffering? And Satan sometimes uses such moments to evoke a sense of abandonment in God's children, and make us misunderstand the love of God.

Finding God In Everyday Things

Life is tough. And suffering comes in many forms - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. So here’s a way to help us through difficult times: Look for God in the smallest things. Let everyday items bring to mind His wonderful promises. Let’s see things from a different perspective. The more we see God for who He is, the more we will grow in our gratitude and love for Him.

ODJ: Always

On 11 September, 2001, Todd Beamer was one of 44 people who were killed when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed after being hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists. Shortly after that tragic day, I remember listening to Todd’s young widow, Lisa Beamer, who said moving forward she would live carefully but not in fear. Though she had lost the husband she loved, Lisa refused to let terror rule over her