Illustration of a boy hiding behind a leaf

Subtle Ways We Can Give Into Victim Mentality

Title: Subtle Ways We Can Give Into Victim Mentality
Artwork by: YMI x @findingkubi
Description: “Woe is me”, you mumble as you promptly decide to sulk in a corner, even though you know doing this will cause you to isolate yourself more.

Perhaps it’s because you find yourself being a victim of your circumstances, and life’s been unfair towards you. Or you’re suddenly triggered by an off-hand comment about you that does not match how you picture yourself.

All you know now is that it’s affected your confidence, even your confidence in Jesus. And you only want to be recognised and vindicated.

When we are pained and wounded, are we able to recognise our human desire to hold up our own cause? Is there something else we can do when we find ourselves wanting to bash ourselves or even others?


Illustration of boy hiding behind leaf

Illustration of spilt milk

Illustration of a flaming arrow

Illustration of bible characters

Illustration of a person on a hamster wheel

Illustration of a half empty half full glass

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