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5 Blessings to Hop on This Lunar New Year

Title: 5 Blessings to Hop on This Lunar New Year
Artwork by: YMI x @ohdoodlez
Description: The lunar new year is often hopping with activities. 

New clothes to parade in, family reunion dinners to attend, and relatives to visit. We greet our loved ones with messages of blessings and prosperity, that their year may be well. 

However, when we are in Christ, we’re already covered by all the wonderful things God has for us. His blessings for us are not wishful thinking, but they’re already true for those who remain faithful and steadfast in Him.

Our ever generous God loves to give, and He has laid out a sumptuous table filled with every good thing for us. “Come, savour, eat,” He says.

This reunion dinner, pull your chair next to God, and may your heart be filled with all the blessings He has prepared for you.  

Here are five blessings that give us a taste of His goodness.


Illustration of a rabbit sitting on oranges

Illustration of rabbit dancing with yu sheng

Illustration of rabbit relaxing in a bowl of glutinous rice ball dessert

Illustration of a rabbit standing on a mountain of rice in a rice bowl

Illustration of a rabbit hopping from one pineapple tart to another

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