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Why I Quit My Full-Time Job

Two years ago, God called my husband and I to take a year off work to spend time seeking Him. We had just completed our sixth year of work. So I quit my job while my husband took no pay leave.
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The Time I Hurt My Husband Deeply

My husband and I had a huge argument some nights ago. It was about my pride and unwillingness to see my own faults. He was so hurt that he went straight to bed after his shower.

God Provided . . . So I Could Tithe

Tithing: the practice of giving 10 percent of one’s income to the Lord. “Tithing” is a sensitive word, especially to someone like me, who has been unemployed for almost 10 months.
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When I was Blessed to be Sick

Recently, I was blessed to be down for a few days with a bad flu, sore throat, and fever. Yes, you read it right. I was blessed and I thank God to have been down for those few days.
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Finding A Spouse, According to His Will

Written by Clare H, Singapore I was in the midst of my undergraduate…
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The Nightmare before Christmas

I can only imagine the thoughts running through Mary’s mind when the angel Gabriel told her that she will conceive as a virgin and give birth to a son,

Giving Thanks in Everyday Life

When we see how God has intervened in a situation—whether good or bad—it’s easy to give thanks. Many of us have probably also read about giving thanks in extremely