Giving Thanks in Everyday Life

Written by Clare H.

Photo Credit: Nathanael Tan

When we see how God has intervened in a situation—whether good or bad—it’s easy to give thanks. Many of us have probably also read about giving thanks in extremely difficult times, like what Job did. But what about those seasons when everything is going on as per normal as we go about our daily lives?

Like many of us, I have always yearned for something miraculous to happen in my life, so that I can share great testimonies about God’s faithfulness, wonderful love, and marvelous grace. And God has been very kind to me. He has graciously answered many of my prayers and guided me personally when I was lost. I hold these testimonies dear to my heart and share them freely with anyone whom may be encouraged by them.

But what about those days where nothing is going majorly wrong or extraordinarily well? Is there anything we can give thanks for?

Looking at the “normalcy” in my life, I realize there are, in fact, many.

  • Although my mum passed on when I was young, I’m blessed to have a father who took on the dual role of being a father and a mother to me, and raised me up to become who I am today.
  • Two out of four of my grandparents are still around. Staying with them under the same roof for some years in my life was priceless as I enjoyed my grandparents’ love and concern and I learnt many things about my great grandparents.
  • I’ve had a fear of swimming and of animals but after much praying and trusting in the Lord, I now swim one kilometre weekly and am considering adopting a dog in the near future.
  • I have been married for one and a half years and my husband and I are still trying for a child. Nonetheless, I’m thankful we have two precious nephews to care for and play with when we visit my sister weekly.
  • I wasn’t born into a Christian family and had experienced opposition by close family members when I became a Christian. But I’m thankful God has been faithful all this while and that He is on my side when others are against me.
  • I love writing although I have no formal training and no breakthroughs in this area yet. But I’m thankful to have this opportunity to share these thoughts, which I pray will encourage you.

For this season, I want to give thanks for the “normalcy” in my life. Just because these episodes are not what people usually term as miracles doesn’t mean that God was absent. On the contrary, He was ever present to maintain the precious ordinariness in my life. Giving thanks brings joy to my heart and His, just as 1 Thessalonians 5:18 encourages, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (ESV).

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  1. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    Just like we can see waves but not the undercurrents beneath, God works on both levels – seen and unseen, according to His greater plan for us. Whichever way, He is just awesome.


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