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What Do We Do Now With All Those Christmas Gifts?

Can you believe it? Christmas Day has come and gone—just like that. Over the last month or possibly just this past week, you probably spent a great deal of time writing Christmas cards

5 Challenges Second Generation Christians Face

Is there any difference between the struggles faced by first generation Christians and second generation Christians? (I shall refer to the latter group as SGCs.)

3 Unexpected Benefits of Being the Third Wheel

Are you a third wheel (or light bulb, as it is known in some cultures)? For those clueless about what this is, a third wheel is a person who hangs out with a couple—and who can become an awkward addition to a romantic date.

3 Steps to Take When You Face a Problem

“Why is the bus taking so long to arrive?” “Why didn’t I charge my phone last night?” Have you ever noticed how we can get so bothered by the smallest of problems?