5 Ways to Make Our Moms Happy

“Every day is Mother’s Day”, my mother would jokingly say to me every so often. Having been away from home during my university days and now living some 10,000 kilometers away from my mom, I couldn’t agree more. I treasure dearly each moment I get to spend with her.

Mothers, as most of us would agree, are unconditional in their love towards us and do not expect anything in return. This love in action is best seen when they sacrifice sleep to care for us, do our laundry, prepare our daily meals, put up with us through our teenage years and even nag us to eat more, drink more, and rest more. Since we’ve come to the time of the year to remember them, here’s some ways to show how much we appreciate them.

1. Give her a hug

Sometimes, all it takes is a hug, a good squish, or a long embrace to let her know how much you love and appreciate her. It’s a good alternative, especially if you find it way out of your comfort zone to say those three words “I love you.” So what if you’ve never done it before? There’s always a first time. Catch her by surprise and show her you care.

2. Write her something

For all you “crafty” people, why not make her a personalized card? Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out Hallmark standard, she’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into it. If you lack the creativity, simply purchase a card and write something beyond the run-of-the-mill “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” message. If writing a card seems too daunting or out-dated to you, send her a Whatsapp, SnapChat, or text message (if she doesn’t own a smartphone). If you are ambitious, make her a video.

3. Spend time with her

After all, she’s made you her priority for more than a decade. It could be just for a few hours or even an entire day. Bring her to a nice place or whip up a meal. Listen to her rant about house chores, bores, and more. Give her your undivided attention and share your honest feelings with her. Moms love nothing more than being able to spend time with their children, to hear what they’ve been up to and how they feel. For those (like me) who live far away from your mom, drop her a line.

4. Forgive her

Were there inane or insane things she said before that irked or hurt you? Take this time to tell her you are over it (if you are, that is). This might be a challenge for some of us. But if Jesus himself could forgive those who nailed Him to the cross, what excuse do we have to not forgive our own moms? This may just be the moment we need to break down the walls and mend our broken relationship with our moms.

5. Share the gospel with her

Tell her that Jesus loves her, especially if she has yet to know the Savior. The gospel is, afterall, the greatest gift you can ever give to her. You could even spend some time to pray with her if you feel comfortable.

But above and beyond these suggestions, let’s make this Mother’s Day the beginning of our commitment to love our mothers more. Let’s love our mothers every day, just as Jesus did, even in His dying moments (John 19:26-27).

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