Entries by Robert Solomon

A Remarkable Ministry

We come to the last written words of the apostle Paul. There is no fanfare, but the simple expression of his love for the Lord and His people. It is all the more moving for its sincerity and depth.

God Stands By You

Paul was in prison probably because of Alexander the metalworker (vv.14–15). It is possible that Alexander was once serving with Paul, but now had become an apostate and an enemy of Paul.

Live A Balanced Life

As a prisoner waiting to be sentenced to death, Paul reveals his various needs. In so doing, he reveals a godly and balanced perspective of human life.

A Heavenly Reward Awaits

Having reviewed his past with gratitude, Paul now looks forward to the future with much anticipation. He knew that his Lord would award to him “the crown of righteousness”

The Word Lives On

At the end of his letter, Paul deals with some personal matters. He opens his heart to reveal how he feels about his approaching martyrdom, his personal needs, and his unshakeable faith in God.

Model Christlikeness

Paul refers to two resources that would help Timothy maintain his Christian character in the godless world of the last days: godly mentors and Scripture.