ODB: More Than Skin Deep

José, a young believer in Jesus, was visiting his brother’s church. As he entered the sanctuary prior to the service, his brother’s face fell when he saw him.

Unproductive On Purpose

I mowed my father’s lawn at 8:00 a.m. one Sunday morning. I wondered what the neighbors thought, as my father never cut the grass or did any kind of work on Sunday.

ODB: Rest Assured in God

Researchers in Fujian, China, wanted to help intensive care unit (ICU) patients sleep more soundly. They measured the effects of sleep aids on test subjects in a simulated ICU environment, complete with bright, hospital-grade lighting and audio recordings of machines beeping and nurses talking.

Seeing The Light

Thanks to cornea transplants, some people who were born blind have gained functional use of their eyes. Nevertheless, success is rare.
Nature YMI ODB Devotion

ODB: To Do or Not to Do

When I was a kid, a decommissioned World War II tank was put on display in a park near my home. Multiple signs warned of the danger of climbing on the vehicle, but a couple of my friends immediately scrambled up.

Make The Time

Are you busy? We can easily become overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that loom over us on any given day. We have calendar apps, appointment reminders, and handy lists to keep us organized.

ODB: God Had Other Plans

Their precise ages are unknown. One was found on the steps of a church; the other knew only that she’d been raised by nuns. Born in Poland during World War II, for nearly eighty years neither Halina nor Krystyna knew about each other.

Not Listening

God, I’m not listening. I’m not going to read the Bible because I know You’ll speak, and I don’t like what I hear. I’ve been turning away the godly people You’ve sent my way, and I’m going to sleep in late and skip church.
Box in front of door YMI ODB Devotion

ODB: Stress to Peace

Moving ranks as one of the biggest stressors in life. We moved to our current home after I’d lived in my previous one for nearly twenty years. I’d lived alone in that first home for eight years before I got married.