A Conspiracy of Joy

One of my favorite moments of the year is on Christmas Eve when, at the conclusion of our church’s candlelight service, we erupt with the powerful song “Joy to the World.”

Letting Go

I’ve never been a particularly fast writer, but when it came to texting, my speed was somewhere in the range of “turtlelike.”

Even Better

The text message from my brother was terse: “Dad just passed away. Come to ward now.”


A benefit of being a teacher, I know that Thanksgiving vacation is always an anticipated respite from the routine of waking early, grading papers, and planning lessons.

A Heart of Gratitude

In his memoir Townie, novelist Andre Dubus III shared that his father, also a renowned writer, would write every single morning.

Childlike Faith

Every Sunday morning in the foyer, our eyes meet. Her eyes are full of joy, twinkling.

Clean, Pure Water

A small, gurgling stream in the forest. Silky ripples, floating leaves, water flowing smoothly around rocks and branches.

The Art of Joy

I recently called a friend who has endured more than his share of hardship and weariness.

The Cobbler’s Shop

Harry’s job in the cobbler’s shop was to pound leather for shoe soles.