True Conviction

“But how are we going to go on without you?” my youth group student asked on my last day as the pastor.

Singing Is Praying

Sometimes we can feel guilty about our prayer lives. No matter how much we pray, we’re sure it’s never enough.

Soldiers, Athletes, And Farmers

What do soldiers, athletes, and farmers have in common? Discipline. Soldiers go through drills day in and day out.

Ongoing Repentance

Over the years I’ve often heard of the “Twelve Steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Disciplined for Freedom

My dog has been trained to always come back to me the instant I call or whistle. It’s taken a lot of work to get this response.

Transformed Lives

A gospel song by Mahalia Jackson expresses that without God, we can’t do anything, and that we must depend on Jesus.

Confession that Heals

Every Sunday at our church, before we receive communion, we bow our heads and our hearts as we confess our sin.

Discipline of Secrecy

“I’m an exhibitionist,” said the surrealist artist Salvador Dali. “Life is too short to remain unnoticed.”

Come Back!

Years ago, a stray cat began to visit my parents’ house. After several back-door bowls of milk, they decided to adopt him and name him Theo.