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CHOICES | Themed Contribution

In His great love, God has given us as Christians the privilege and responsibility of sharing in His work, of telling others about Him, through our words and our lives. This is a weighty thing, more important than any earthly occupation we’ll ever have. I think that can be quite overwhelming sometimes, so I’m very […]

SOCIAL ISSUES | Themed Contribution

Hey you, I don’t know what job you’re in. And I don’t know if you love it or hate it, or if you have a job at all. But I do know that you can serve Jesus in whatever you do, although that would probably be the more difficult option–every time. You might have a […]

SUCCESS | Themed Contribution

While on my way to deliver an order to my client one day, I drove by one of my former classmates from school. He was in a Mercedes-Benz car, looking cool. I immediately felt embarrassed of my car’s chipped paint. “He’s so much more successful than I am,” I thought.

SUFFERING | Themed Contribution

People sometimes say that the God in the Old Testament (OT) is very different from the God in the New Testament (NT). In the OT, He’s unloving, angry, and violent, but He’s loving, peaceful, and caring in the NT.