Valentine’s Day

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Regardless of your Status, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Psst, looking for love? No matter your marital status—single, dating, married, or widowed—you ARE cherished and loved.

From God’s Heart To Yours

Title: From God’s Heart To Yours Artwork by: Estelle Quek (@morethanworks) Description: It’s…
Girl alone on the beach - You're still single, something must be wrong with you

“You’re still single? What’s wrong with you?”

Last week, I realized I may be a contender for a world record—the highest number of weddings attended by a single person under the age of 35. I’ve been counting and, although it seems impossible, the number has now reached 207.
Couple smiling reading the bible together

Making a Difference this Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I understand dedicating a day to celebrating love, but somehow I’ve never been able to reconcile the ideal of love with the paraphernalia associated with the holiday.
Girl alone on a dock

All Alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be the season of love and romance for many, but for some of us, it brings pain. It could be a reminder of love lost through a recent break-up or rejection, or the loss of a loved one.