Valentine’s Day

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Regardless of your Status, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Psst, looking for love? No matter your marital status—single, dating, married, or widowed—you ARE cherished and loved.

From God’s Heart To Yours

Title: From God’s Heart To Yours Artwork by: Estelle Quek (@morethanworks) Description: It’s…
Girl alone on the beach - You're still single, something must be wrong with you

“You’re still single? What’s wrong with you?”

Last week, I realized I may be a contender for a world record—the highest number of weddings attended by a single person under the age of 35. I’ve been counting and, although it seems impossible, the number has now reached 207.

Making a Difference this Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I understand dedicating a day to celebrating love, but somehow I’ve never been able to reconcile the ideal of love with the paraphernalia associated with the holiday.

All Alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be the season of love and romance for many, but for some of us, it brings pain. It could be a reminder of love lost through a recent break-up or rejection, or the loss of a loved one.