A girl about to go in the train

Love on the Way Home

Title: Love on the Way Home 
Artwork by: YMI X @dorkydoe
Description: Valentine’s Day can magnify our feelings of loneliness. 

We think having a “significant other” in our lives is the ticket to easing the pangs of loneliness,  but that isn’t true. We can be dating and married, and still feel lonely. 

Or maybe it’s not a new relationship we need, but an old one that we need to mend. Perhaps there’s a friendship that has gone south, and we’re missing their presence in our lives.  

Or perhaps, what you really need today is to remind yourself of God’s love for you. 

On this day of love, jump onboard the train with Abigail, who realises love exists beyond the realms of just the romantic. 

May this project remind us that love comes in a variety of forms, and our creative God has surrounded us with people from different walks of life whom we can have rich and equally satisfying relationships with–if only we’d put ourselves out there and embrace these opportunities.


A girl about to go in the train

The girl sitting alone in the train

The girl leave her seat to an old man

Two friends are comforting their friend

A man is trying to stoping their friend from gossiping

The girl is reminding her friend who they not talk with each other

She is pondering whether should send out the message to her friend.

The girl walking in the corridor of her flat

She opens door and see her dog, at the same time the message comes in.


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