Beyond Meet-Cutes: The Off-Screen Realities of Dating

Title: Beyond Meet-Cutes: The Off-Screen Realities of Dating
Artwork by: YMI X @ohdoodlez
Description: In movies, relationships often begin with a “meet-cute”—a serendipitous encounter—that ignites a “spark,” blossoms into a fiery romance, and ends with a happy ever after. They seem to make the point that relationships, done right, should feel thrilling and effortless at the same time.

But then you look at your own dating life. That initial spark fizzles out after a few months and you’re left with a relationship that seems lacklustre in comparison to its screen counterpart. You begin to question—am I doing this right? Is he/she “the one”?

Maybe it’s time we get a reality check on our dating expectations.

Read on to uncover some off-screen realities of dating that we might rather not see on our screens, but might just keep us grounded in our “sacred search.”


Cat couple in bus stop, the guy comes late.

Cat couple embrace in apology.

Cat couple bicker about food delivery.

Cat couple shares the food between them.

Cat couple on a phone call, but the guy falls asleep.

Girl cat closes the call with words of encouragement.

Cat couple watching TV together, with conclusion text.

Artist Feature

Sue-Jane Yeo

Sue-Jane a.k.a. Oh Doodlez is an illustrator who likes to explore her inner child through whimsical compositions and adorable characters. Her works are often inspired by fantasy, weaving imaginary tales with a tiny hint of magic.


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