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Abstract family around the Christmas tree

5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart This Season

I can’t believe that the holiday season is already upon us. It felt like just a few short months ago that l pulled down the mistletoe, swept up the last remaining pine needles, and boxed up my Christmas decorations.

Who Is Jesus To You?

Throughout history, Jesus has been described as a troublemaker,…
Pile of Christmas presents on the floor

What Do We Do Now With All Those Christmas Gifts?

Can you believe it? Christmas Day has come and gone—just like that. Over the last month or possibly just this past week, you probably spent a great deal of time writing Christmas cards
Baby jesus in the nativity scene

Why I’m In Awe of Baby Jesus

This month, I celebrate one year of motherhood. Yes, that means my baby has turned a year old, and what a year it has been! It may be a cliché, but what's been said about motherhood is true: it's tiring, trying, and stretching, yet every single bit of it is worth it.
Woman drinking coffee looking at snowfall through the window

5 Practical Ways to Savor Christ this Christmas

Last year, my kids and I snuggled up to read a Christmas story. It’s the story of a boy whose parents are determined to throw him an epic birthday party—replete with guests, food, decor and party favors.
Man sitting down reading next to a Christmas tree

When Crisis Strikes at Christmas

I will never forget Christmas Day, 2014. It was the day my wife had a panic attack. We were getting ready to leave for church that day.

What if there was no Christ in Christmas?

There was once a farmer who thought that the idea of God becoming a baby was absurd. His wife, however, was the opposite. She was a Christian and put her faith in the baby who was born that first Christmas.

ODB: Is Jesus Still Here?

Ted Robertson’s home in Colorado was one of more than 500 destroyed by the Black Forest Fire in June 2013. When he was allowed to return and sift through the ash and rubble,

ODB: Out Of Egypt

One year when our family was traveling through Ohio on the way to Grandma’s house, we arrived in Columbus just as a tornado warning was issued. Suddenly everything changed as we feared that our children might be in danger.