Oh Deer, Is That Me?!

Title: Oh Deer, Is That Me?!
Artwork by: YMI x @marinaesque
Description: We love Christmas, from the beautiful window displays to the carols and spending time with loved ones. Because we love Christmas, we want it to be perfect and memorable (in a good way). 

As we prep for the most perfect Christmas ever, our competitive, perfectionist, and overthinking spirit takes over. Before we know it, we have subconsciously adopted a festive persona that’s not-so-nice. “Oh dear, is that me?”, we think. 

We’re now frazzled and stressed. And we’re having a jolly bad time all around instead of rejoicing in the gift our Father has given us, Jesus.


Illustration of a reindeer

Illustration of a bear character frantically shopping

Illustration of a fox holding a basket

Illustration of a moose holding a luggage

Illustration of a penguin with a giant bauble

Illustration of polar bears caroling

Illustration of a fox whining

Illustration of a rabbit standing in front of a calendar



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