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Andrew Hui: I’m 32 and I’m Dying

At 32, Andrew Hui now has an estimated two to three months left to live.  His latest treatment option of radiation was ceased a month ago after it was deemed no longer effective in controlling the spread of the cancer cells in his body.

Zakaria Zhou: From Drug Dealer to Gospel Bearer

Zakaria Zhou Zhao Zong. The alliteration of the ‘Z’s in his name catches one’s eye and ear. Learn about his life and it is no less explosive as the syllables in his name.

Hannah Yeoh: Becoming Malaysia’s First Woman Speaker

Despite being the minority as a Christian Chinese female in Malaysia, Hannah Yeoh became the country’s first female speaker in a state parliament—and its youngest—at the age of 34 in 2013.

Craig Greenfield: Family in the slums and urban fringes

Seven-year-old Jaydan and his sister Micah, 5, bounded down the streets of Downtown Eastside in inner-city Vancouver. The people hanging around those roads saw them and shouted to each other: “Kids on the block!”

Paul Wong: Hotshot Lawyer to Devoted Campus Pastor

As the son of one of Singapore’s top legal minds, Paul Wong seemed to be headed in a similar direction. After studying law at Cambridge University, Paul landed a job in a prestigious law firm in London.