Like A Root Out Of Dry Ground

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The #TruthAboutWhoYouAre series was created to dive deeper into the Bible to discover who God says we are so we can live out our fullest potential. God has created all of us to do extraordinary things. You have what it takes to make great things happen. Not only that, you were created to do great things, according to Ephesians 2:10. Many times, we will feel like we are "not enough" or "not qualified" but those are just feelings. Our feelings are valid but we can't let them determine the course of our life. The #TruthAboutWhoYouAre series reveals the truth about who you are.

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Are you an ENTP*? What are your top strengths? What does your sleeping position say about you? Did you know that your favorite color says something about who you are?

IDENTITY | Themed Contribution

As we're at the beginning of a new year, my knee-jerk reaction…

Just trying to find myself

Throughout life, we're always on a quest to find ourselves. What makes us who we are? Which path will bring us a step closer to finding the answer? Why is identity so important to us? This month, we speak to different individuals and hear their stories--and struggles. Can you identify with any of these? Share with us what's going on in your life.

The Day My Instagram Account Was Stolen

A couple of days ago, I woke up to a dozen or so messages on my phone telling me, in essence, that my Instagram account had been hacked. Apparently, after I went to bed the night before, my account had been taken over by an unknown person who proceeded to upload photos in my name.

ODJ: first

Seemingly unaware of leaflets littering the pavement and placards dotting the corners of the road junctions, the pedestrians around me continued their normal pace of life on this national election weekend. As a foreigner, I saw a distinct similarity between the smiling faces of the candidates staring from their two-dimensional advertisements and those from my home country. All promised change

ODJ: finding our identity

If you imagine that enemies captured you and forced you to change your diet, your education and your name, which one would hurt the most? Daniel accepted his new name, Belteshazzar, even though it invoked a pagan god. He accepted his new education “in the language and literature of Babylon,” even though it meant he had to study pagan creation myths (Daniel 1:4).But he refused to eat th

ODJ: the comparison game

The Germans have a word for it: schadenfreude. It means to take joy in another’s misery. We can sometimes feel schadenfreude when someone else slips up. A politician we don’t admire stumbles over his words. A famous person who has great wealth suddenly goes bankrupt. Part of us feels sad, but we might also secretly enjoy the turn of events.We can often be perfectly co