Social Distancing Survival Tips

Are the effects of social distancing starting to wear you down as you scramble to collect the pieces of what used to be your routine, and forge a “new normal”—whatever it may look like? We’ve compiled some tips to help you not only survive this time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

Start Honing Spiritual Habits

Finding it hard to keep those new year’s resolutions going? Why not embark on honing some spiritual habits instead! As you take these steps to grow a deeper relationship with God, you will soon find that they become a way of life God desires for each of us. Simply use our template to get started!
7 Questions to Start the Year Right

7 Questions to Start the Year Right

Like the seven Old Testament feasts God put in place, holidays can be a selah of sorts. So maybe you still have a day or two of holiday time left. If so, I hope these prompts (designed for “prinking” over—that’s praying and thinking) can help breathe some fresh air into your soul for the next year.

4 Truths That Kept Me Going in 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I want to look back on the past 12 months and examine the valuable lessons I’ve learned. Not just to give myself a pat on the back for making it this far but also to reflect on the things that God has taught me in the last year. So here we go.

ODJ: What We Have

In one of Aesop’s Fables, a ravenous fox notices some grapes hanging on a vine. He leaps into the air, but he can’t reach the fruit. Dejected, he trots off and remarks, “Oh you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes.” Like the fox, people sometimes convince themselves they don’t want what they can’t have. The only thing worse is

The Day I Spent in Prison

I braced myself for the encounter, wondering how I should talk and act around them. I was excited and nervous at the same time since I had never interacted with inmates before. And I was thoroughly surprised when I finally met them.

What’s the Best Way to Begin the Year?

A fresh start. That’s what I need. Or the undo button, so I…

ODJ: tissue boxes

As I sat in the surgical waiting room, I had plenty oftime to think. I’d been here before. The last time, the outcome was bad—very bad. On that day we received the news that my only brother was “brain dead”—two devastating words.

Today was different. Alone, I listened to the room’s nervous laughter, intense phone conversations, oblivious children and the quiet voic

ODJ: a lot by a lot

The first 4 years my adopted Ugandan son was with me, I experienced no fears about the future or my ability to support him. Recently, however, as I’ve struggled to pay bills and survive on a small ministry salary that provides us with no disposable income, I’ve entered into a worrisome state. My fleshly desires have tilted towards greater financial security rather than the need to trust God’