Mum And I: Pretty As A Posy

Title: Mum And I: Pretty As A Posy
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Description: What do mums and flowers have in common? They brighten up our day, have the power to turn our frowns upside down, and they come in a variety of personalities and temperance. There’s the sunny, outgoing mum, the one who adores romance, and the one who exudes timeless beauty. 

But as pretty as flowers are, their staying power cannot outlast or outmatch our mums. In time, flowers wilt and die (especially if we forget to water them), but our mums push on even on the hardest of days. They shower and nurture us with their love, and strive to give us the very best of themselves. 

Scripture says we’re to honour our mums (Exodus 20:12) and warns us against despising our mums in their old age (Proverbs 23:22). So what better way to honour her, for all she’s done for us over the years, than to present her a bouquet of flowers bursting with meaning.

Go on, pick a stalk from our selection of flowers for a personalised bouquet—because she deserves it.


graphic image of flowers in a vase

graphic image of flower in the vase

graphic image of a rose

graphic image of sunflowers

graphic image of tulips

graphic image of lilies

graphic image of carnations

graphic image of chrysanthemum

graphic image of a prayer for mums

graphic image of a bunch of flowers

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