Mom and child baking together

When Jesus Says “Become Like Children”

Title: When Jesus Says “Become Like Children”
Artwork by: YMI X @vessillustration
Description: If there’s one topic that got people concerned as Jesus preached about the coming of the kingdom of heaven, the importance of becoming like children would make the list.

It must have been slightly bizarre because nobody ever pays that much attention to children… being children.

Isn’t the point of being children to grow up and become mature adults and then to realise certain potentials? What inherent value did Jesus see in being like children that He had reserved some of his highest proclamations for those who would be like them (Matthew 18:2-5, 19:14)?

Maybe there’s something here we might have missed, and we’re as curious as a kindergartner to dissect what Jesus is and isn’t saying about what it means for us to become like children!


Mom and child are shopping together (show the mom carrying a grocery bag). The child is pointing at a bread inside a bakery storefront, with a pleading face. The bread has a price tag that indicates it's pricey.

Mom carrying the child on her shoulders, her hands hugging a recipe book. The child nods happily.

Child playing around with eggs, making a huge mess. Mom looks concerned.

Mom shows her child how to use the eggs, cracking one into a bowl. Child watches in wonder (with sparkly eyes).

Child pours a whole sack of flour into the bowl. Mom is in shock and scolds her.

Child pours flour little by little into a weighing scale. Mom holds the weighing scale, her other hand holding a recipe book.

Dough is being baked in the oven. Child opens the oven door partially. Mom watches in shock, exclaiming, “Hey, don’t open it yet!

Dough is being baked in the oven. Child and mom watch patiently as the dough rises, the child with sparkly eyes.

Child and mom happily eat the bread they baked together.

Artist Feature

Vanessa Bong (Vess) is an Asian Australian textile designer and illustrator based in Melbourne Australia. Having worked as a graphic designer for a number of years, she was drawn to the world of surface pattern design and began a journey of discovery. After some travels, workshops, learnings and a multitude of patterns later, she was able to establish herself as a surface pattern designer and saw her work applied to apparel and womenswear.

In addition to her commercial work, she has hosted watercolour workshops to share her craft and spoken at numerous design events. She has created artwork for the public space within the City of Melbourne and in 2023 held her first solo exhibition exploring her identity as an Asian Australian.


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