Girl facing monster

Fighting My Fears: A Poem

Title: Fighting My Fears: A Poem
Artwork by: @byvenansica
Description: When was the last time you felt crippled by fear?
Was it a fear of failure? Fear of rejection? Fear of the future?

Fear seems like a natural response to our broken and uncertain world. However, In Christ, we are a new creation called to carry out God’s purposes (Ephesians 2:10). Being adopted into His sonship means we can rest in the certainty of God’s promises of provision (Matthew 10:29-31), protection (Deuteronomy 31:8), and empowerment (Isaiah 41:9-10) for His children.

The enemy uses fear to keep us from living out this God-given identity to the full, but we don’t have to let it cripple us. When we are rooted in who we are in Christ, we can walk confidently, with faith as our weapon, to live our lives in alignment with His will.

We hope this poem reminds you of the hope God gives us even in our journey of learning to battle our fears with faith.

Girl locking a chest

Black rays burst out of the chest.

Amorphous monsters burst out of the chest.

Big monsters chase the girl

A ray of light comes between girl and monster, then forms a sword in her hand.

Girl points sword upwards and the monsters dissipate.

Girl walking in the woods with the sword, comes across another monster.

Girl towers over the monster with her sword and the sword shrinks, fearful of her. Shadow of cross over the monster.

Girl sits with the sword facing sunset.

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