A lonely man is standing on the balcony and looking at the night view

How the City Lights Flicker

Title: How the City Lights Flicker
Artwork by: YMI x @emilia.ting
Description: Thousands and thousands of people walk by each other going about their business under the flickering of the city lights. The bustling city stands as a representation of the pinnacle of human cooperation and extensive networking, ripe for meaningful connections and greater fulfilment.

But you’ve walked those same streets, and haven’t you also felt a sense of… ennui?

In our modern city lives, with the conveniences and opportunities to connect virtually with anyone at any time, it’s funny how many of us ask the same few questions about our lives, our relationships, and our trajectory.

We’ve captured these fleeting moments into a collection of mini-illustrations in the hopes that it may offer you some warmth in the cold concrete jungle.

4 panels comic to convey how a loneliness can come from being afraid of silence

Three panels of comic about a woman is always feeling isolated even with her colleagues, friends and family.

6 panels of comic convey about a man is always pondering about different questions which others might not understand 4 panels of comic about a woman is not close to her bestie who used to being together last time 4 panels of comic to tell about the loneliness of a man who do not have any close friend or colleagues to hang around with. 6 panels of comic to convey about the loneliness of being alone in a big city with good salary and job, but not someone close. 5 panels of comic to tell about the loneliness of in the midst of sadness, even your friends does not understand your grief and tend to ignore. 6 panels of comic to convey the loneliness of staying alone, and do not have someone who can physically helping or accompanying. A man and a woman is standing at the balcony and look at the city night view

Artist Feature

Emilia enjoys listening more than talking, and hopes to touch the hearts of people through her drawings. She’s a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, and sees art and multimedia as a medium of connecting people to God. Her future plans include serving God in the mental health field. Emilia’s from Sarawak, Malaysia.

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  1. @soflylikearaven
    @soflylikearaven says:

    As a girl growing up in a big, bustling city with a heart for the Lord, I understand the peace in the moments that should feel like pain. It’s like the LORD’s truth and presence is so grounding, that no matter the strength of the loneliness, my soul finds company with the Holy Spirit and can only bring art and way to love each other from it. There is so much bravery to what Emily shared in these illustrations and I am grateful to have seen them today. I know there are more of us out there who need to know this is normal to feel, and more importantly, that the truth can cover all of these emotions. Bless this project & artist & YMI team for bringing this to my screen


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