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The Day I Stopped Wishing My Singleness Away

Title:The Day I Stopped Wishing My Singleness Away Materials: Digital illustration Artwork by: Rachel Ma (@droolstamps) Description: While Singleness can be a trying season for some of us, it is not meant to be a time of purposeless waiting. As soon as i stopped wishing away my singleness and started embracing this special season, God showed me how He wants to prepare and equip me […]


Title: My Heroine Materials: Embroidery Description: In this project, I wish to explore on empowering women through embroidered illustration. In today’s society, our perception of ourselves and beauty are largely shaped by the media. Unknowingly, women adopt those inaccurate views and warped perception of their appearance and identity resulting in, more often than not, a feeling of low […]