Title: My Heroine
Materials: Embroidery
Description: In this project, I wish to explore on empowering women through embroidered illustration. In today’s society, our perception of ourselves and beauty are largely shaped by the media. Unknowingly, women adopt those inaccurate views and warped perception of their appearance and identity resulting in, more often than not, a feeling of low self-esteem and inadequacy. This projects aims to affirm, empower and encourage women to be more confident of who they are, and celebrate women’s inner attributes such as strength, which is more essential than the temporal external beauty.

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Her story 1
This series of framed art depicts a day in a life of a woman, arranged in a comic strip style. This work explores the notion of self-discovery and re-examining the kind of person we are inside. Though the process is filled with struggles, the pain eventually becomes an integral part of our lives.




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